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Things to Do When You Have No Money

Pragya T Nov 6, 2018
Are you bored? But, don't have money to go out and enjoy a movie? Then use these ideas on fun things to do when you have no money and get rid of the boredom...
There is so much you can do, even if you don't have money. You can keep busy all day long if you don't have any money. You can even spend quality time with your friends or girlfriend/boyfriend. So, don't feel sad if you don't have money. Simply, make a list of fun things to keep yourself busy. Here are some fun things you can do when you have no money.

Fun Things to Do When You Have No Money

» First of all make a playlist and turn on the speakers. This will keep you entertained, while you make your list of things to do when you have no money.

» If you have no old friends, then consider going to your buddies who live nearby. However, if you are simply bored and want some 'my time' then use these ideas.
» Ask yourself, is there somebody you been wanting to call or meet. Make a list of these people who you want to connect again with. It can be your old friends, old neighbors, teachers, old colleagues, etc.
You can go and meet these people if they live in your city. Chances are they will be delighted on your sudden visit. If you don't want to risk this, then call them before you drop in.
» Pack a backpack, and go out. In your backpack include things which are a part of your hobby, for example if you like to sketch take a sketchpad and colors along.
Take a camera if you like photography, or simply use the camera in your cell phone. Also, keep some weatherproof stuff in your backpack. Like a raincoat if its rainy season, or some sunscreen and a hat if it's going to be hot outside. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You can also keep some snacks and food in your backpack.
» There are many places to go when you have no money. Here are some of them - public libraries, public parks, shopping malls, beach, lakes, open air markets, amphitheaters, etc.
If you are living in a city which has historical importance, then consider going to these tourist places. You can also check out it online, if there are any free camps happening in your area.
» Make a list of top 3 places you want to go today, and keep 5 more extra on the list. You can go these extra places too if you have time.
» So, what are you waiting for? Just head out with your backpack, and go to these places. Don't be shy if you meet new people. Be open and see if you can meet some interesting people on your day out.
» If you don't want to go out and bored at home, then consider these fun things to do.

➾ You can watch TV. You can play games. You can borrow new games from your neighbors or friends and play them.
➾ If you have an internet connection then read something interesting online. There are many sites you can visit.
➾ You can go to sites like myspace to listen to music.
➾ You can visit some gaming sites or write something on the internet.
» You can clean up your house if you feel like. Or revamp your old clothes. Get some fabric paint, and draw on it. Then use the fabric paint and paint on your old t-shirts.
» There are many fun things to do with girlfriend or boyfriend. You can simply ask him/her to get some snacks. Then head out to a park or for a beach. Enjoy the walk, and when you get tired. Sit and enjoy eating snacks and chatting.
So, keep yourself busy with these things to do. But, if you want money for some reason, then consider making some. Everybody has some good skill. So, can consider some small odd job, like helping your neighbor cleaning up the yard, or play music on street, or make portraits for people, etc.