Wondering What Things to Do with Friends at Night? Just Read This

Things To Do with Friends at Night
It's Friday night and it's gotta be kick ass fun. But got no clue about what things to do with friends at night? Worry not! Just read on...
It was Friday night. The night when the weekend begins and sadly, the night which was going to be followed by business entrepreneurship paper in the morning. An unusual combination, but, nonetheless, the reality seemed grim. All I knew at that point of time was I had to get out of the house and get away from the books as far as possible. That night I and my twin were staying at our best friends place to study all night long. Finally, bored and irritated, we called a few friends who could come and pick us up. In a mad frenzy to step out, we emptied her entire cupboard on her bed, to create our impostors (flimsy, but it worked!).

It was around 11 in the night when her dad went to sleep and her grandmother got down to playing cards. The patience was running out and the urge to step out was getting unbearable. So we locked her dad and her grandmother, stealthily opened the main door and locked it from outside. Ran all the way to the car and never looked back. That night we promised each other, that no matter what happens we will stick together. The crazy things to do with friends at night, followed, when we actually started driving, without a decided destination. We drove to a hill station, got tipsy, partied hard all night long and returned at 5 am in the morning. And trust me, yet none of our family members know about this! Phew! That's my story and it's totally original. So, what are the things to do with friends on a Friday night? Let's find out!

Fun Things to do With Friends

Night Trip (WARNING: Do not drink and drive)
Friday nights are usually spent partying at discotheques or attending a house party. This Friday do something completely different. Burn a few CDs with the favorite music, grab your car keys, fill up the tank, pick up your friends and just drive up to a closest town! Have a cuppa of coffee and leave for the drive back home. You can take turns driving, so that each one of you get equal rest. Driving in the night on the highway is a pure treat for someone who has a passion for driving! So, why not?!

Girl Night Out
This is an absolute, 'girls night out' idea. So, listen carefully girls! You need to get absolutely drunk for this. Thus, get drunk and get your friends drunk too. Get the camera out and let your imagination wild. Click pictures in poses and positions, you'd never imagine yourself (the real sexy ones, of course!). Unleash your gray cells to make a memory with your girlfriends to last you forever!

Night Camp
The night outside your home is beautiful and too splendid to resist. A no-hassle yet adventurous activity to do with friends would be to camp outdoors. Roll up tents, sleeping bags, some fuel, food and other camping aids and drive down to the nearest camping spot. Fix your tents and light the barbecue fire to keep animals at bay and warmth close to you. Throw away the week's stress into the dusty environment and make a comeback with a refreshed mind. From my personal experience, I am advising you to carry a good amount of mosquito repellent with you. Once you are back, do leave a comment to let me know how was the experience.

All these things to do for fun with friends at night, mentioned above, have a best part of me in them. I've been there and done that. Sometimes, doing the nonsensical things, is what gets you closer to your friends and makes the bond of friendship stronger. In retrospect, all I can say is that I did all these things not because I wanted to, but because I could. Just do it! It all worth a try!
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