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Things to Do With Friends on the Weekend

Rashida Khilawala Mar 14, 2019
There are a lot of things to do with friends on the weekend, but many times, we cannot come up with anything. Here are some interesting and fun ideas which you can try.
Everyone starts making plans when the weekend arrives. However, at times, you may face the ordeal of not being able to come up with anything to do. You may have already taken different classes, visited various places, or attended various parties, and you do not feel like repeating the same things. Here are some unique ideas which you can consider.

Activity #1

While you may have attended classes like pottery, art, or other things, the experience of a college is slightly different. You can take up literature, acting, or advanced cooking classes at the community college nearby.
Most colleges have weekend classes that working individuals can attend. You can join one of these classes as a group.
It is always fun to take up a class in something that you are particularly bad at. It helps in self-improvement, and is also a lot of fun. It will even give you and your friends a chance to bond more.

Activity #2

Help out at the closest community center. As a group, you could add a lot of value to social service. While some people prefer to simply donate money, you can opt to do volunteer work. It will also ease some of the stress that these organizations have.
You could help serve food, or to simply sort clothes at the salvation army. The choice is yours, as it is the sentiment that counts. It will also be a fulfilling experience.

Activity #3

Join a book club, and if you have already done that, then start one. You can do so in a locality where none of you resides. Focus on authors who write well but don't get the acclaim they need. This will require scanning libraries and book websites.
Find out which books you can feature at the club. You can arrange the meetings every weekend. This will not only help you socialize with other intellectual people, but will also help promote an author who really needs the publicity.

Activity #4

Volunteer to be witnesses at the marriage registrar's office. Many couples face a difficulty of gathering witnesses. Especially those who have eloped. You can help them out in this way.

Activity #5

Plan to go the park on the weekend, and have a picnic. Feel the freshness in air. Play on the swings, and take turns at giving each other a push. Break out from your dull routine, laugh out loud, and talk to random people.
You don't have to stick to the same old activities when planning a weekend with your friends. Think out of the box and be imaginative. Or you can sleep and regain all the lost rest, which is also important.