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14 Tips to Help You Get Better at Scramble with Friends

Scramble with Friends, is a word finder game that tests your vocabulary and ability to find words in two minutes. Though this may sound simple, you need to learn some tricks on how to win Scramble with Friends. We, at Plentifun, have listed a few for you.
Plentifun Staff
A Freemium Game!
The game is available in two versions. One version is free but supports ads, while the other is a paid version that is free of ads!
There is good news for Android users, as now, Scramble with Friends is available on Google Play with new features. So, once the app is downloaded, you can play with friends and enjoy this addictive word game. For those who are learning the ropes of this game, a brief outline of how to play. Each game is played by two players and consists three, 2-minute rounds to search words in a 4x4 grid of letters. Each word found earns a player specific points, and the player who has the highest score accumulated over three rounds is declared the winner.
Sounds fairly simple, doesn't it? But do you find it difficult to beat your top score each time you play it? In that case, you should get acquainted with these smart tips given below, to increase your points and win at Scramble with Friends.

  1. To begin with, instead of looking for high scoring long words, try to find smaller, two-three letter words. These words take less time to spot. You can make two-consonant or two-vowel words like aa, sh, etc., as well. These words do exist. Focus on finding small words that can lead to their plurals or inflections. This will earn you more points.
  2. Most beginners tap on each letter to connect them and find a word. Instead, just slide your finger over the letters to make words. This little tactile tip will save you that little more time to find another word.
  3. While searching for words, don't just look horizontally or vertically, try searching diagonally, forwards, and even backwards. Remember, the only rule in Scramble is that the letters must be adjoining each other, whatever be the direction.
  4. In case you spot long words, try to split them up into smaller words, in order to gain points. For example, gamer can be split up into game, rage, gear, ear, mare, are, ream, etc.
  5. As you know, the time limit offered by the game is only two minutes. If you want to increase this limit, you can use the freeze power-up which will stop the timer for few seconds. Thus, you will have additional time to spot words.
  6. If you think you can't find any more words and feel like giving up, don't, you can try the inspiration power-up which will highlight the possible words.
  7. You can try the scramble power-up for re-scrambling the words in the grid. This might help you gain a fresher perspective on the available letters, thus enabling you to spot more words.
  8. The vision power-up gives you three words that you have to find. Once you are done finding these, you will gain an additional 15 seconds to play the game.
  9. Use the mega freeze power-up to get extra 90 seconds to play the game, and earn additional points.
  10. Each letter in the game has an assigned value. In the second and third round, there will be score modifiers that will double or triple your letter or word. Thus, it is advised to make words with these tiles first.
  11. Look for the letter 's' in the grid. Focus on searching singular words, and then add an 's' to make plurals. This way, you will gain additional points.
  12. Search for meaningful vowel-consonant combination. Once you have found the right combination, you can just change a few letters and make new letters. For example, if you spot 'make' on the gird, you can make, 'bake', 'cake', 'sake', etc., given all the words are present on the grid.
  13. Use the bonus letters present on the grid. To earn more points, first make words without the bonus letter, and then make same word using the bonus letter.
  14. Scramble will allow you to finish the word you are making, if you are holding a letter in the last second. So, in the last few seconds, hold down a letter that can possibly be part of a word. In case you pick the right letter, you will earn points in that last second as well.
If you have still not played the game, download it for Apple and Android devices. If nothing works out, install the Scramble Cheats app onto your device. The app will provide all the possible words in no time, while you pause your game. Make these words, and earn points. Try to use these tips when you play the game next time. Hope to see you on the top scorers list!