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Top 10 World-renowned Board Games Every One of Us Enjoys

Arjun Kulkarni Apr 17, 2019
For many years we have sought pleasure in beating our neighbor or even a family member at our favorite board games. This Plentifun article brings you the top 10 board games that enjoy worldwide popularity.
What is it about board games that make them so popular not only among kids but also grownups as well? It is probably because they give us a chance to become something that we're not. We can be a gallant knight in chess today and a millionaire at Monopoly tomorrow. It is also the thrill that we get after winning a big pot or the opposition 'missing a turn'.
Creators of board games have also remained in touch with the times and have adapted their games to appeal to the newer generation by incorporating current trends, colors, and themes.
For example, during the days of kingdoms and warfare, vintage games like chess understandably enjoyed popularity, while today we have fun family games like Picnic and Life. So, we can say that board games are truly representative of the times!

Top 10 Board Games


The undisputed king among board games, chess has been played for centuries in one form or the other. Unlike other, it is a game of skill and not of chance. No wonder, it is one of the few board games played competitively!
The basic premise of chess is that there are two players commanding two 'armies', each piece having its predefined move. The game ends when the opposing king is 'checkmated'.


Well, another board game that is played competitively, Scrabble competitions are held across the world. The objective of this game is to form words on a board with randomly picked letters.
There are points for each letter and each square on the board, and the players have to maximize their score. It is usually played by four players or less. The game ends when all the letters are over, and the person with the maximum score wins.

Snakes and Ladders

Even though we consider it to be a game for kids, adults too cannot help but enjoy this very easy game.
It is definitely one of the most popular board games in the world. Snakes and ladders consists of a board with 100 squares, each numbered and having a random arrangement of snakes and ladders across the board. The roll of the dice decides the number of squares to move.
Now, if you land on a square with a snake on it, you slide down to the square that contains the snake's tail. On the other hand, if you land on a square with a ladder on it, you move up the ladder. The one who reaches the top of the board (square with the no.100), wins.


Another evergreen game! Monopoly was said to have invented during the rise of capitalism in the West. It gives a fictional setting in England, where players go on buying properties and then charge a rent for it.
Although kids enjoy this game more, you can also start enjoying this game after growing up! The player with the most money at the end of the game wins.


The game of Life is a very simple board game that uses a wheel to decide the number of moves as opposed to a die. The number thrown on the die decides the number of squares to move.
There are actual events written on the squares, which one experiences in life, like employment, kids, buying a house, which involves spending or earning money. The winner of the game is decided on - either the one who completes the game wins first, or the person with the highest amount of money on completion is declared a winner. A perfect game for families!


A game which is essentially similar to Life, but the setting and premise are slightly different. In Picnic, the players go on a 'picnic', and the dilemma is whether to take the expensive, short routes or the cheap, longer routes to the finish line. Again, the winner is either the richest person at the end of the game, or the one who finishes first.


Another popular game enjoyed by all age groups, and is quite simple. There are four teams in four colors, each team has four pawns.

When all the pawns of one team reach the designated place, by moving on the squares on the board that is prompted by the number on a die, that team wins.


Checkers is similar to chess in many ways as the playing board is 'checkered', and the moves of the disks help eliminate the other team's pieces. It is a two-player game that ends when the opponent can no longer make any moves.

Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard is a detective game that involves a criminal and police. The criminal 'Mr. X' reveals his position at certain times during the game, and the police gives a limited number of moves each. If Mr. X is caught within the number of moves, the police win. If not, Mr. X is the winner!

Memory Game

There are many forms of the memory game. In a memory game set, there are cards with different animals, vegetables, or fruits, and the players are given a set amount of time to memorize all the cards and their placements. The player who identifies the most number of cards wins!