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Tumbling Tower Wooden Block Game

Learn How to Make the Tumbling Tower Wooden Block Game Right Here

If you and your friends are spending quite a few evenings at home, doing absolutely nothing, then perhaps playing the tumbling tower wooden block game can bring back the fun. In the following article, we've got information on how to make these blocks and play the game fair and square...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2018
Playing With Wooden Blocks
Getting out of the house and playing games is fun and all, but there comes a time when you feel like staying at home and doing something productive. Although this can sometimes mean staying indoors and playing cards or being attached to the video games. This can get mundane after a while. You can invest a little time in making your very own tumbling tower wooden block game. It requires you to build the blocks on your own and make as big of a tower as you like. All you have to do is understand the requirement for the game; as in what are the dimensions of the blocks that make up for the whole tower. Take your game plans to the next level and learn how to make this game with the help of this article.
Make Your Own Wooden Block Tower
Before we begin with the construction of this game, let's go over few basic concepts. To prepare the tower, we will require 3 blocks adjacent to one another in order to stack them properly. For example, if the first layer has 3 blocks placed vertically, then the next 3 blocks should be placed horizontally. Make sure each layer has equal distribution of blocks so that when you play the game, the weight distribution doesn't become an issue.
The Exact Dimensions

As discussed earlier, the total number of blocks you require will depend upon the length of the tower. Similarly, the dimensions of the blocks can also vary. The main ideology to keep in mind is that every block should be 3 times as long as the width. And the height of each block should be about half the size of the width.
However, you can cut shorter blocks as well. The only thing is that there won't be that much space left between the layers. The following table gives you specific dimensions to make the block tower. You can decide how many blocks you wish to use in order to make the huge tower.
# of Blocks Length Width Height
50 21 cm 7 cm 4.5 cm
60 21 cm 5 cm 3.4 cm
60 19 cm 6.2 cm 3.7 cm

Construction of the Tower

You will need to measure and cut the blocks of wood according to the size you prefer. Make sure all the sizes of the blocks are as per the length, height, and width given in the table. Otherwise, your tower will be wobbly from the get-go. First make a prototype block that matches the dimensions perfectly and then cut and sand each piece of wood (don't shave). By doing so, you won't waste a lot of wood and finish building the tower much quicker.
Rules of the Game-
Once your monster tower is built, invite your family and friends over for a picnic and get ready for some fun time. Now in order to play the game, you need to know the rules and instructions for the game. And here they are.
  1. You can't remove the blocks from the top 3 layers.
  2. If you have constructed any new layers on top, rule #1 doesn't apply to it.
  3. The objective of each player should be to keep the tower stable.
  4. A player can use one hand to keep the tower stable while removing another block.
  5. A player can extract and / or move the blocks from the tower; the only condition is that another block should be added to the top (first) layer.
  6. While playing the game, you can stop and wait for the wind to die down (if it's too windy and the tower seems like it's about to topple over).
  7. After the first player is done removing the block, the second player has to wait for at least 5 seconds to see if the tower is stable and doesn't fall over.
  8. A player can stack blocks horizontally or vertically on the top layer.
  9. But the third block placed on that layer should be aligned to the previous block.
  10. The game doesn't have any sort of time limit and can be played for as long as the players prefer.
To make your own tower game, you can use soft wood such as pine or cedar. Make sure that while playing this game, there is enough room for the players to sit / stand, if the tower does topple. This is a fun, yet dangerous game (huge, heavy blocks); so be very careful before you proceed any further.