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Water Balloon Games for Kids

Mamta Mule Oct 30, 2018
Searching for some water balloon games for kids? Here are a few fun-filled ones to enjoy in the summer.
Arranging a kids' party? Well, a cool summer party can't be complete without water balloons. Children, of any age whatsoever, love water balloon games. Definitely, the level of difficulty must be easier for toddlers compared to older school-going kids. With the right party games, you can have a party which each and every kid is sure to enjoy.

Water Dodge Ball

Draw a line, and divide the kids into two groups. Each group will have equal number of players and equal number of balloons. Let the kids hit players of the other team, and dodge those balloons thrown at them. The player who is hit with a water balloon is out. The team with most members left wins the game.

Leaky Balloon

This is best for kids and preschoolers. Make the kids stand in a circle. Make a pin-sized hole in a medium-sized water balloon, just before kids start playing the game. Each kid will pass this leaky balloon to the next kid. Remember, keep passing till the balloon is flat, with no water left in it. The one who holds the flat balloon has to sing or dance.

Filling the Balloon

You can have a competition of filling the balloons. For this, you need some water balloons, and a water source, like a tap or garden hose, to fill them up. This is a game suitable for elder kids. See who fills the maximum number of balloons in a duration of 5-10 minutes.

Water Balloon Catch

Divide the group into pairs, and give each pair a towel. Place a balloon in the towel of first team. As the game starts, it launches the water balloon in the air. Next team has to run, and catch this balloon in their towel and further launch it in the air. The team which catches maximum balloons wins the game.

Maximum Muscles

This is a fun-filled game which all kids will surely love playing. Take oversize T-shirts, belts and water balloons. Make teams of 2-3 players each. Give each team an oversize T-shirt and a belt. Now, one of the players from each team wears this T-shirt and ties a belt over it, at waist. Each team must fill the t-shirt with the balloons.
The team with maximum balloons inside the t-shirt wins. In case of a tie, count the number of balloons burst while placing inside the T-shirt.
Adding sprinklers to constantly spray the kids, makes these water games more entertaining. Get the water balloons, and let your kids enjoy fully. Make sure that adults are around while the games are played.