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How to Make a Water Balloon Launcher

Tulika Nair Nov 20, 2018
Learn to make a water balloon launcher with these favorite game accessories which can be made easily at home with different designs.
Ever indulged in water balloon fights? If yes, then you would have surely wanted to learn the process of making a launcher for these balloons in order to have a upper hand against your opponents. Having this device can ensure that water games become more fun, almost resembling planned war strategies.
While you can easily buy this device at a store, learning the process of making it at home can build team spirit and give you a feeling of achievement. In any case, most homemade versions of these launchers tend to be much better than the ones bought at the stores.
Here are plans for a launcher that can be easily made at home using readily available materials. You can use these launchers as part of party games and have loads of fun.

Making a Water Balloon Launcher

Material Required:
► Plastic tubing, 2 pieces
► Piece of cloth or rag
► Rectangular wood, 2 pieces
► Scissors
► Duct tape
► Balloons


1. The first thing that you need to make is a bag for the balloons. For this, the foundation is designed to resemble a "plus" sign. Take the piece of cloth and cut it into a 14" square. Now, cut off 3"x3" squares from each edge. The resultant shape will be a plus sign.
2. Now, take the two rectangular pieces of wood and place them on the opposite ends of the cloth. Using the duct tape, wrap the pieces of wood properly inside the cloth and fold all the ends of the cloth to reach its midpoint. Use tape generously to ensure that the wood stays inside.
3. Take the tube and place it on the part of the cloth that is not wrapping the pieces of wood. Bend the tube around and place the other end on the same spot. Now, tape the cloth around the tube to cover it completely without placing the tape on it.
This is important to ensure that the cloth is allowed to slide up and down the tube. Now, take another piece of tube and repeat on the other side. The result will be two loops of tube.

4. Use the duct tape to cover any free ends that you have thus constructed. Proper taping is important for the strength of the launcher and its ability to withstand force.
5. Fill the balloons with water and place them in a container. Attach the two ends of the tube to two trees, or get two people to hold them. Place a balloon in the launcher, and fire away at a 45° angle.
If you can, try and sew the launcher instead of duct taping it, for better results. Also ensure that you do not aim it directly at any person, as it can cause severe injury.
If kids are making this launcher, it is important that they do so only in the presence of an adult who knows how to use this device. Making a water balloon launcher is an easy process and you do not need any material that is not easily available at home.
Playing with water balloons can be a lot of fun. Most people love playing with water and playing team games simulating battle, as is evident from the popularity of games like paintball. These launchers allow you to experience both of these at one go.
Though a lot of fun, while using such a device it is important that you maintain caution and ensure that no one gets hurt while playing, as these balloons can cause severe injury.