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How to Play the Water Balloon Toss Game

Priya Johnson Nov 3, 2018
Of the many water games, water balloon toss is one interesting game that leaves every participant mostly soaked at the end of the game.
What's like a good water game on a hot summer day! Nothing beats the summer heat than cool water! While swimming, water gun war, sponge water game, etc. are great outdoor summer activities.
The water balloon toss is another fantastic water game you can plan to play in the hot summer months. This is a fun and exciting game, leaving everybody laughing and wet at the end of the game! Let's find out what this game is all about!

Water Balloon Toss

The objective of this game is to try to catch the water balloon that is tossed. If one manages to catch it, the pair has to move further apart. Now the balloon has to be tossed over a greater distance. The team that covers greatest distance without breaking the water balloon is the winner.
In July 2010, Fountain Square, Cincinnati, Ohio organized a water balloon toss for 'Freaky Friday'. 34 teams participated and had a great time at the event. Water balloon games are excellent games at summer camps as well. It leaves campers soaked and enthralled. They are great water activities for kids during the summer. Let's find out how to play this game.

How to Conduct a Water Balloon Toss


➽ Water balloons (different colors)
Even number of people


➽ Pair up the players into teams of two.
➽ Give each pair one water balloon.
➽ Have two members of each team stand at a short distance (3 feet apart) from each other.
➽ When you say 'Go', the team member who has the water balloon has to toss it to his or her team member.
➽ The other team member standing opposite has to catch the tossed water balloon.
➽ With each successful toss, the member who catches the water balloon has to move a few steps back, thereby increasing the distance between the two.
➽ This back and forth tossing of the water balloon with a constant increase in the distance continues. If the water balloon breaks while tossing, the team is disqualified.
➽ As the distance increases, it becomes more difficult to catch the water balloon without bursting. The team with members who are far apart are winners, with the water balloon still intact.

How to Win a Water Balloon Toss

Slow and Steady
Do not be anxious about covering maximum distance in the beginning itself. Take your time to start off. Start tossing the ball slowly and carefully. There is no time limit in this game, but once your balloon has broken, there's nothing you can do. Slow and steady is the key to winning this game.
Use Less Force
The more force you use, the greater are the chances of the balloon popping. The balloon should be tossed gently, yet with enough force that it reaches the other team member.

Lean Forward
While tossing the water balloon, lean forward and throw the balloon. This will help reduce the distance the balloon has to travel before reaching your partner.
Keeping these pointers in mind, go ahead and play your game. With practice you are sure to win the game.

Water Balloon Tossing Relay

Besides the standard toss game, you can incorporate different ideas such as the water balloon toss relay, wherein you have a starting line and finishing line. Let's have a look at how a tossing relay is played.

➽ Divide the players into two teams.
➽ Players of each team have to be spread a few feet apart on a previously marked course line.
➽ The first member near the start line has to toss the balloon to his nearest team member, who in turn passes it on to the next team member, until it reaches the finishing line.
➽ The water balloon has to be carefully dropped into a bucket placed near the finishing line. Meanwhile the person at the starting line would have been passing the next water balloon.
➽ When time's up, the team with the most number of balloons in the bucket is declared the winner.
Water balloon toss is a wonderful game that leaves people soaked, excited and enthralled at the end. It's a fantastic ice-breaker at camps and a wonderful summer activity for kids!