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Inflatable Water Slides for Kids

Puja Lalwani Jun 18, 2019
Can't afford a trip to your kids favorite water park every weekend? Create your own water park with some marvelous water slides for kids.
Water slides for kids are a blessing for parents who have little to do when school's out during summer. It takes away their worry about what to do for the little ones when they are bored. Also, it's safe, it's cool, it keeps the kids active, and most importantly, it's fun!
Inflatable water slides for kids are available in a variety of choices. For instance, there are simple ones on one hand, and on the other, there are full-fledged structures that leave little to the imagination.
They are provided with an air blower, that is constantly switched on, so as to remain relentlessly firm and bear the load of several kids climbing up and down its walls, in case of a larger structure.
Once a garden hose is connected to them, water begins to flow out through small punctures in the slide, and gives it the complete effect of a real water slide in a water park. These also come with their own packs, so they can be folded back and stored at the end of summer.
Available in a variety of sizes, from a single slide to an entire water park in your backyard, they can be chosen depending on the space you have to accommodate them.

Types of Inflatable Water Slides

As mentioned here, there are diverse options when it comes to water slides for kids. Take a look at a few you can choose from.
► Single slides, for the little ones, are easy to inflate, as they function in the aforementioned manner.
That means, within 2-3 minutes, your little one is ready to bask in the summer sun and yet remain cool. Since they are available in different sizes, you can invariably find one that will fit the space available to you.
► Some inflatable water slides come with a pool attached at their base, enabling them to have some 'splashy' fun!
► The slightly elaborate inflatable structures come with slides in different shapes. One such example is the one that is called a 'black-out' slide.
 It is an enclosed slide that bars any light from entering it, creating a mysterious aura and giving wings to your kid's imagination.
► Another larger structure is one, where kids can climb up the walls leading to the slide, thereby increasing the element of fun and frolic.
These are slightly higher with longer slides. Again, they are available in different forms, such as those attached with a pool at the base.
► Water slide bouncers are unique water slides. Some have sprinklers that create rain effect while kids bounce on these slide bouncers and cool themselves.
► Slip-n-slide water slides are a wonderful option for those with limited space. It is a long sheet of plastic bordered with inflatable tubes to which a garden hose is to be connected.
These tubes are perforated with water slowly pouring into the slide thereby making it slippery. Once there is enough water on the slide, kids can begin to slide along the length of the slip-n-slide water slide. There is another version of this slide, where 2 slides are attached. This can allow for an enthralling race between 2 kids to see who finishes first.
Water slides are indeed as much fun as they appear to be. However, it is important to keep some safety measures in mind before going ahead and investing in them.

Safety Measures

In order to make this summer activity a memorable experience for your little one, do ensure you keep it safe and sound, for as thrilling as it may sound, there is a certain amount of danger that accompanies these.
► When investing in a slip-n-slide water slide, look out for one that has water bumpers at the end. This way your kid will be protected from landing hard on the ground and receiving any unexpected jolts.
► Always keep an eye on kids when they are using inflatable slides. They tend to get creative and may try different positions while coming down the slides, which can be injurious to them.
► Do keep in mind the age group for which the water slide has been designed. If a kid belonging to an older age group attempts to use a slide meant for a younger age group, the harm caused can be detrimental to him or her. Every slide is usable up to a certain limit, and therefore, its use should be restricted only to that limit.
► With reference to the previous point, do not exceed the use of water slide for kids beyond a limit. As any other object, a water slide also has a lifetime which should not be surpassed. For instance, it is possible that when inflated, a water slide is not as firm as it used to be. In such a case, your child could be prone to a lot of related dangers.
All said and done, water slides are indeed the ultimate innovation for boring summers, particularly for kids. They can be set up in such an elaborate manner, in the form of your own water park, that your kid can even throw a fresh and wild party and invite all his or her friends over to enjoy.
These recreational activities are sure to keep the little ones at bay, giving you the privilege of enjoying the summer, as much as they enjoy theirs.