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Fun Things to Do on a Sunday

Madhumita Shivade Oct 17, 2018
The weekend is looming over our heads, and though we've waited eagerly for it, now that it's here, we don't really know what to do with it. Here are some great ways to spend a fruitful and enjoyable Sunday.
Sundays are great, period. There's no work, school, or college. It's a day to have fun and relax. It is the day that almost the whole world awaits. Some people make plans for trips, adventure, sports matches, while some prefer catnapping. So what are you doing this Sunday? Not decided? Take a peek at some things that will ensure an action-packed day for you.
To make the most of your day, you need to plan it out perfectly. Yes, it may seem kind of weird to be planning a holiday. However, once you try it, you'll get how smoothly it falls into place.
Divide the day into four parts: morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Prioritize your day. Give time to everybody, including yourself. Make sure you have a great weekend so that you are ready to start work enthusiastically the next day. Here are some options for you to try out.


Morning Walk

Get up as early as possible, put on your shoes, and go for a walk. Walk for about 40 minutes, and then jog back home. You can try exploring a different route, the one that you don't take on any other day. This is a really great idea to start off energetically.

Make Breakfast

Surprise your parents (if you are living with them), your husband/wife, your kids, or your roommates with a delicious breakfast. A hot cup of coffee for your husband/wife, or a cup of hot chocolate for your kids, will be just perfect.


If you love gardening, spend at least half an hour in your garden. Love your plants, do any weeding if required. Water your plants, and while watering them, enjoy the wonderful fragrance of the mud when it entwines with the water.

Pet Your Pet

Have you wondered how much time you give your pet? Spend some time with your pet. Take them for a long walk. Play with them, cuddle them, give them a nice bath, click pictures, and just have fun!


Movie Time

Make a list of all your favorite movies. If you are planning to spend the whole afternoon at home, watch as many movies as you can back-to-back. This is one of the best ways to while away a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Google All The Way!

If you plan to just sit at home, you can spend time looking up random facts on the Internet. Plethora of interesting information will not only add to your general knowledge, but will also be entertaining.


Afternoons tend to be quite boring, and all we feel like doing, is to get some sleep. Instead of getting into your bed, and snoring for hours, call your friends home. Have a gala time downing some beers, and catching up on the latest gossip.

Pamper Yourself

How about a nice back massage, a spa treatment, or a pedicure and manicure? This will relax your body, and make you feel stress-free.
Otherwise, go for a haircut that will change your entire look. Get yourself a tattoo if you have always wished to get one. Go shopping, and buy something nice to wear if you have dinner plans.


Your Gang

Do you remember and miss the time you spent with your friends back in high school or college? Make a call to everyone, and plan to meet up (provided you all reside in the same city).


Book a tennis court, and try your hand at playing tennis. You can also indulge yourself in other sports that interest you. Otherwise, if you'd rather exclude yourself from the action, go to see a live match that is taking place in your city.


There is nothing that can beat a game of bowling. Gather your friends, and play a game of bowling. This can be really fun. You can all visit a mall, and indulge in some other games as well.


Your Time

Now that you have spent your morning, afternoon, and evening with your family and friends, give the night specially to your husband/wife, or your boyfriend/girlfriend. Take them out for a romantic dinner, or a movie.
If you'd rather stay cozy at home, cook a romantic dinner. Set a table in the garden with the candlelight glowing. This might be a good idea for ending your Sunday.
There's no way your Sunday can be boring after you've read all the given ideas. Make a plan, stick to it, and have a wonderful, rejuvenating day.