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What to Do When You Are Bored at Home? For a Start, Try These

Rujuta Borkar Mar 20, 2019
Stuck at home and don't know what to do? Read on to get some crazy, some sane, some whacky, and some normal ideas of how to best spend your time.
What is it? Are you bored of watching that funny film on TV or maybe that book lying on your bed doesn't seem interesting enough? And sleeping spreadeagled on the bed, staring at the ceiling is not doing anything for you either? And no, you don't want to sleep? Alright, alright. Do these activities instead!

Things to Do When Home Alone

● Take any old magazine or a newspaper clipping out from your collection or the recycling stack and start filling in all the 'O's in. One by one. (So maybe it gets boring after a while but for a brief period of time, there will be some mindless fun coming your way)
● Have a cat? Or a dog? Awesome. So take a stray string and go shake it in front of the cat's face. Cats can't resist this one. The cat will take the bait.
Mischief in the eyes, they'll shake their bum, then concentrate on the piece of string like it's some prey and start their assault. Then all you do is run from one side of the room to the other and the cat will follow in hot pursuit.
● This one is probably for the ladies. Get to your wardrobe and pull out some of the clothes that you don't end up wearing that often. Now try them on and experiment!
Don't just stick to the same old same old. Try doing a makeover―like pairing something with something completely different and then teaming it up with matching jewelry. By the end of this exercise you'll have some new and interesting combination forms to work with.
● Never get the time to burn that CD of your favorite songs in it? Now is the time! Get to it and make it a really good one.

● Look through all your old notebooks and tear out the plain pages. Now bind them together to create a rough book. Saving paper and utilizing time. Win-win.
●  Play cards! There are several games that you can play alone. (And the best part is, you'll always be the winner. Scratch that, that's lame.)
● Write a letter to an old school friend. (In this day and age of technology, did you say? Try it. It's a feeling you'll really cherish. Especially when the reply comes through with a letter.)
● Try to moonwalk. If you already know how to moonwalk? Then... moonwalk. Simple.

● Look through your wardrobe and set out all the old clothes you want to donate. (Shocking that there's so much space in the wardrobe now, huh?)
● This is more fun than it sounds―get a panting book, a set of crayons or paint, and paint like you've never painted before. (Swear, it's fun.)

● Eat 2-3 bubble gum pieces and see if you can blow a super, duper, huge bubble.
● Look through old family photos or childhood photos. The time will just fly.

● Watch the bloopers of your favorite TV show on YouTube (It is so much fun, you won't believe it even if I tell you.)
● Take a bubble wrap and burst the bubbles on the sheet, one at a time. (Do not even pretend like it's not fun!)

Things to Do with a Friend

OK so what are some fun things to do when you are bored and have a friend in tow? These are, these are, these are:
● Download a karaoke software, first. Then put in some of your most favorite numbers in it and bring the roof down with blaring voices, renditions of artists, songs, and more songs.

● Get to your backyard and climb that guava tree, pluck a guava and eat it with some salt and chili powder. (Absolute heaven)
● Pick out a random recipe from the net and then get to the kitchen and make it happen.

● Bring out all the old stacked-up board games and go nuts playing them.
● Alternately, you can even try and assemble the biggest, toughest puzzle you can find.

● Stage a water fight in the garden.
● Do a photo shoot by trying some of the craziest poses that you can think of (Hey maybe you'll get your latest Facebook DP this way)

● Take turns to crank call your crush (umm... stay away from the girly giggles in the end).
● Have your friend say out a random letter from the alphabets. If he/she says 'P', you have to find something that starts with the letter P, ASAP. Count the time. Then have your friend do the same while you say a letter. Calculate who takes the least amount of time. Play the best of 19.
And there you go, some of the things to do when you're bored at home, and slowly but surely tearing your hair out. Now there's no more the need for that. No more the need to sit around like a slob and blow spit bubbles (disgusting, disgusting). Get to these activities then and lift that funk right off.