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Things to Do When You're Bored at Home

Tulika Nair Jun 18, 2019
Another of those days when no one from your friend circle is free to spend time with you and everything on television seems like it has been rehashed from an earlier soap opera. What do you do in such a situation? Well here is a tiny attempt to solve your problem.
Note these options that hold true for you:

  • Fed up of channel surfing.
  • Done leafing through the books or magazines that are lying around.
  • Called up friends and conversed with them.
  • Experiencing red and watery eyes, thanks to spending hours online due to the lack of anything better to do.
If you have noted more than two of these options, then welcome to the group of people who are actively (or maybe not so actively) looking for a solution to their problem of boredom.
So what is being bored and how exactly do you define the condition of being bored? Well, most online dictionaries will define boredom for you as a condition of being weary due to dull, repetitive, or tedious events. If you are displaying these symptoms, then you obviously are bored.
While it may not be a foolproof treatment for you, here is several probable remedies for your condition. Maybe these fun things to do will help liven up your dampened spirits.

Stuff to do to Banish Boredom

There could be a very long list of things to do when bored that could help with your problem but then a solution to boredom could probably increase yours to astronomical levels. So, here are some things that find to be interesting.
  • Try writing something in the stream of consciousness method, which basically means note down whatever you are thinking. Read it after a while. You will come up with many interesting things for sure.
  • Play squash. All you need is a ball and wall to hit it against. You can entertain yourself for hours in this fashion.
  • Look through the Guinness Book of World Records; pick a record you would like to break and prepare yourself for the same. Try to not pick a record which involves self-mutilation or any other such harmful process.
  • Let the inner technician in you come to the forefront. Disassemble the radio, cell phone, or any other such device and then try to put it back together. Please be warned of the consequences you may have to face.
  • Always wanted to be a superhero? Now is the time that you can think of everything that you would want to be in your super powered avatar. If you are good with needles and thread, maybe you can stitch yourself a costume as well.
  • There will probably be few other times when you will be left to your own device and will have to entertain yourself. Try out dance steps that have been heralded the world over as being tough, like the moon walk.
  • Perform one of those culinary experiments that you have been dying to try out. You surely have thought of several weird combinations of food items.
  • Try to make your very own terrace garden or at least start working on it. It should be a fun, novel activity and also productive.
  • Redecorate your room; this is just one of the creative things to do when boredom engulfs you. Shift the furniture around and change the way you have put up decorative pieces. It will break the monotony of the room and of your life.
  • Ever wondered what it would feel like to have a twin or for the crazier people out there, a dual personality? Well, try to have a conversation with yourself. Maybe you will figure how it feels.
  • If you have an aquarium, you can try to see how long you can keep your head underwater. Try to not scare away your pet fish while doing so.
  • You could make puppets using matches or Popsicle sticks and have a puppet show.
  • Try to solve puzzles like Sudoku, crosswords, or the easier, spot the differences.
  • Try to develop a new skill like body contortionsism. You never know trying to fit your body into a box may make you world famous.
  • Plan a theme party which will enable you to use your creativity. Make handmade invitations, decorations, plan the food and music to match the mood of the party and also plan a dress code.
  • If you have been trying to become healthier and fitter for a very long time, then this may be the time to plan out a new exercise regimen.
  • Write an autobiography. You may not want to go through what Anne Frank did but who detests the idea of being discovered for talents you did not know existed.
  • Paint a wall of your room. Make a mural if you think you will be good at it or just use washable crayons.
  • Make crank calls to people and annoy the hell out of them.
  • Pick your favorite sitcom. Try to get all the episodes and seasons of the same and then have a marathon viewing session. If nothing else, at least you will be laughing for a long time.
  • Pick a copy of Bartending for Dummies and learn a new trade.
  • Start a blog for yourself. If you have a blog, then try to design your own blog to make it look different and unique from those other typeset blogs.
  • Make a list of all the annoying jingles and theme songs and draft letters to their creators complaining about the same and then post them.
  • Draw a bath. Add essential oils to your bathtub and take a long, two-hour bath. By the time you are done, one of your friends will be free for you to spend time with.
This list of fun things to do should help you solve the problem of boredom, and if even these don't alleviate your boredom, then as a last ditch attempt sleeping. Sleep will not only pass the time but also rest your tired soul and mind.