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Winter Activities for Toddlers

Shashank Nakate Oct 21, 2018
It's winter! Confused about how to engage your little ones during this time? Here is the one-stop solution for your query.
Toddlers need to burn off their pent-up energy, which otherwise makes them irritable. There are many different outdoor as well as indoor winter activities for toddlers.
Outdoor activities help release the nervous energy, while indoor games and craftworks help explore their creativity. Every season has something good to offer. It is we who need to have the right attitude and preparations to enjoy it in a riper manner.

Outdoor Activities for Kids

The winter season opens up a host of different activities associated with snow. Instead of just bundling up the kids in blankets for the fear of facing the harsh winter weather, one should allow the kids to enjoy the beauty of this season. Of course, one should not miss out on taking the necessary precautions while letting the kids indulge.

Sled Rides

The sled rides accompanied by parents are thoroughly enjoyed by toddlers in general. Such fun rides can be taken at nearby parks, or in the backyards of homes.
Snow tubes can be used for these rides by attaching them with ropes. The child should be properly positioned in the tube and taken for a ride. Ice rinks can also be used for sled rides.

Creating Snow Angels

This is an easy and fun activity for toddlers where they create their own snow angel designs.
✦ The child should be made to lie on his back in snow.
✦ The kid should be instructed to move the arms and legs up and down.
✦ This action should be repeated several times.
✦ The movement of the hands and legs creates a design of a snow angel.
Parents should help kids come out of the design created in snow without disturbing it. To make the design look even better, it can be decorated with facial features.

Making Snowman and Other Characters

The act of making snow characters requires parent's assistance to a certain extent. The head portion of snow characters can be made with the help of a single snowball. Rest of the body portion requires larger snow structures.
However, instead of spending time in making a large snowball at a time, several small ones can be stacked together. This approach not only reduces the effort required, but also helps kids enjoy the activity. Ensure that the children are allowed to work independently without too much help.

Indoor Activities for Kids

Winter activities for toddlers in an indoor environment can be made fun as well. The winter crafts presented here can prove to be quite useful.

Making a Snow Scene

This one is a very interesting and pleasurable activity for children. In order to create a snow scene, you require a white tissue paper and a black/blue construction paper. Ask the child to sketch a design of his/her choice on the construction paper.
The design should then be cut out from the construction paper. Next, the white paper should be torn into pieces and glued to the construction paper with a white-colored glue. Your snow scene is ready!

Paper Plate Snowman

It is indeed a 'child's play' to create a snowman with paper plates. Along with two paper plates, you need materials like construction paper (green, orange and black), glue, markers, ribbon, pom-poms (red), and googly eyes.
One of the paper plates needs to be cut (outer rim) in order to make it smaller than the other. Black construction paper can be used to make the hat and boots for the snowman.
Mitten shapes can be created from green paper and stuck to the sides of the snowman. Googly eyes should be glued to the face, and pom-poms are used to make red buttons. Orange paper can be used for the nose and ribbon for the tie and bow.
Apart from the activities mentioned here, one can come up with his/her own innovative ideas to make winters a fun season for your toddlers.