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Incredibly Smart Yo-yo Tricks for Beginners

Yo-Yo Tricks for Beginners
The terra cota yo-yos used by Greeks in 500 BC are said to be the earliest. The different yo-yo tricks for beginners described further are easy to learn. It is just a matter of time before children learn to enjoy various interesting yo-yo tricks.
Plentifun Staff
Last Updated: Aug 17, 2018
Yo-Yo Toy
A toy game played by children, the yo-yo consists of a string and 'yo-yo' toy. The yo-yo toy has a shape of a spool and the string wrapped to it. Free-end of this string has a knot which is used to control the motion.
The basic trick of playing yo-yo is to unwind the string by releasing it. Yo-yo tied at the end of string suspends in air for a while and winds back due to inertial force. Let us understand some of the yo-yo tricks for beginners.
The different yo-yo string tricks that can be learned by beginners are described in the following paragraphs. One can learn yo-yo tricks easily by following the instructions.
Sleeper Trick
It is the most basic or fundamental trick/method of using yo-yos. The various tricks of yo-yo could be learned on the basis of this trick. In this trick, the yo-yo is thrown with a wrist action.
As the yo-yo reaches end of the string, it spins in the place instead of rolling upwards. This is known as the sleeping state; many other tricks including 'around the world' can be performed in the sleeping state. With a slight jerk of the wrist, the yo-yo is rolled back and sleeping position ends.
Gravity Pull Trick
It is one of the simplest trick to perform with a yo-yo. In this trick, the yo-yo moves in an up-and-down motion. The yo-yo in a rolled position should be held in a hand with the palm facing downwards. Yo-yo should be rolled downwards by releasing the string; the spool unwinds as a result of gravitational force.
As soon as the yo-yo reaches its end, an upward jerk should be applied to pull back the yo-yo. Here, the timing of the jerk is important since, lifting the yo-yo at a precise moment is of utmost importance.
Forward Pass Trick
The forward pass trick is very similar to the gravity pull yo-yo trick. In the former, one has to position the hand in a manner that the palm faces backwards. Wrist should be flicked and arm swung in a manner that yo-yo is thrown forward.
As the yo-yo reaches its end, a slight tug should help it roll back. The palm should be positioned in a manner that it faces upwards; catching the yo-yo when it rolls back becomes easy with this position.
Walk the Dog Trick
The trick is named walk the dog because yo-yo is moved along the ground through the spin generated by rolling it downwards. One should begin with the simple sleeper trick and keep the yo-yo spinning for a while.
The yo-yo should be slightly touched to the ground when in the spinning motion. The spinning motion would drag it further. The trick should be performed on a smooth surface so that edges of the yo-yo don't get scratched.
Loop the Loop
Yo-yo maniac
The trick takes a little time to learn. Once you get it right, it is quite enjoyable. First perform a forward pass with the yo-yo.
As the yo-yo comes backwards, it should not be held in the hand. The wrist should instead be snapped forward in a manner that the yo-yo turns and is sent outwards. The whole action creates a loop. With enough practice, one can perform the loop once, twice, thrice and so on. It is one of the 'tricky' yo-yo looping tricks to master.
Around the World
It is a pretty simple trick to perform. The term around the world means that yo-yo does a whole 360 degree arc. The first step in this trick is to perform the forward pass.
Magic trick of yo-yo
As the yo-yo extends the string length, it is swung up and over the shoulder. Here, one should avoid jerking the yo-yo after the forward pass. The yo-yo should be swung in a 360 degree arc and brought back to the original position. Finally, it should be jerked backwards in the hand from this position.
Senior Playing Yo-Yo
One of the easiest tricks to play. You should first learn the sleeper trick. Quickly throw a sleeper. With the other hand, hold the string between middle finger and thumb at a length that is 2/3rd from above. Start moving this hand upwards and sideways. While doing this, the hand holding the yo-yo should be lowered.
Holding the yo-yo string in this manner helps in swinging it like a pinwheel. After swinging the yo-yo 2-3 times, it should be thrown forward and upwards by releasing both hands. Finally, the yo-yo should be caught in the palm that is facing upwards.
Basics of Yo-Yo Toys
The length of yo-yo strings should extend from the bottom of floor to the height of belly button. A loop should be formed by folding the string and tying a knot. A slip knot is formed by inserting the string through the loop formed in the earlier step. The yo-yo should be held in the palm with the slip knot fixed to the middle finger.
The yo-yo is one of the popular toys among children. The yo-yo tricks explained here would make children aware of 'loops' and different kinds of tricks. Since these are simple tricks, beginners should find them easy to learn.