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Youth Group Activities

Omkar Phatak Oct 17, 2018
If you are looking for interesting group activities and games for youth, then you have landed on the right page. Here are some fun activities, that can help in bonding and getting some meaningful work done, through channelizing of youthful energy.
The youth are another generation in the making and the future lies in their hands. The purpose of group activities, conducted all around the world, is to make the youth aware of their combined strength and make them realize that they can make a difference, to make this world a better place.
The true wealth of a country is its human resource, in the form of promising youth, who hold the key to its bright future. Their energy and confidence is incomparable and if it's channelized in the right direction, they can be a huge driving force.
This purpose can be effectively achieved through group activities that can teach them the value of team work, mutual respect, hard work, social responsibility, environmental awareness, and help them in forming their opinions through independent thought. The most important message to be conveyed is 'Together We Can!'.
It is important that the 'fun' element is not ignored while planning such activities. They should be fun activities, which also teach something in the process.

Group Activity Ideas

Camping and Hiking

Camping and hiking activities serve to introduce young people to the grandeur and beauty of the outdoors. Find a great camping spot, with plenty of trekking and hiking trails around. There is nothing more thrilling and enjoyable than subjecting yourself to the elements.
Organize a combined activity of camping, hiking, and trekking, spread over 3 - 4 days. The students can learn to fend for themselves in these great outdoors by cooking, building their camps and hiking in the mountains, on their own. An activity like this requires a lot of planning.
You can form groups of students and assign them tasks of planning the whole activity on their own. The whole program can include nature photography workshops, a project to map the biodiversity of the region, bird watching, and a lot of fun, including a bonfire and camp games.

Theater Activities and Music

Theater, music, and dance are three activities that youths absolutely love. Theater gives an opportunity to explore their power of expression and introduce them to the beauty of this art form. Song and dance activities can bring forth the budding artists.
You could have either one or all of these three activities. You could either have a talent show program in all departments or you could arrange an individual group theater competition, singing competition, or even a dance competition.

Sports Activities

Organize sports activities that can bring out the best athletes and sportsmen among them.
Organizing a football game, a basketball game, or pure athletics games like running, swimming, and cycling are excellent activities.

Fundraising Activities

Arrange a fundraiser for charity. While instilling the awareness of social responsibility, it also gives an opportunity to develop their organizational talent.
It could be the arrangement of a rock band performance for a worthy cause or a marathon for fundraising.

Debating and Speech Competitions

Debate competitions have been breeding grounds for the leaders of tomorrow. Arranging debate and speech competitions is a great way of making the students aware of the social and political issues that need their attention.
It also gives a platform to the youth, to speak their mind about what is happening in the world around them.
So, these were some activities that can be a lot of fun and serve to teach a lot in the process. They are diverse and give an opportunity for the various talents present among the youth, to be encouraged. Hope the excitement of arranging and being a part of such activities, has been conveyed.