Here's How to Play Double Solitaire, A Card Game You'll Enjoy

Double solitaire card game
Double Solitaire or Double Klondike is a very entertaining card game meant to be played by two players. Although not very different from regular Solitaire, there are considerable variations that one must know before playing this game. Refer to the Double Solitaire rules, and step-by-step instructions to play the game, as given here by Buzzle.
Did You Know?
Like Double Solitaire, it is also possible to play 'Triple' or 'Quadruple' Solitaire in a somewhat similar fashion. However, with every next chronological version, a new deck of cards must be introduced, and the stacks in the foundation area should be increased by four.
Most of us have played Solitaire, and most of us have played it on a Windows computer. The game was a part of Microsoft's Windows operating system since its 3.0 version, and was popularly called Microsoft Solitaire. However, Solitaire can even be played with a regular deck of playing cards, and doesn't necessarily need a computer. It is a solo game, and therefore gets a bit boring after repetitive play.
If you are well-versed with Solitaire, you could surely try Double Solitaire with a friend. It's a modification to the original game, allowing two players instead of one to play. Don't worry, it's not tough at all; you would learn it in a jiffy, and would also be able to teach it to your opponent.

You're going to need two decks of playing cards, a friend to play with, and a spacey area like a big table. Having some raw knowledge of the original Solitaire would help too. Check out the rules to play the Double Solitaire card game.
How to Play Double Solitaire with Two Players
Game Setup
Ensure that the two decks that are chosen aren't identical to one another. Try looking for decks with a different back pattern.
Arrange Your Cards
Double Solitaire Layout
Now, give one deck to your opponent and keep one for yourself. Next, both you and your opponent need to arrange your cards in a typical Solitaire layout. However, here, you'll have to place nine instead of seven stacks in the tableau. (Refer to the illustration.) Also, the foundation piles would double to 8 due to the addition of an extra deck to the original game.
Play Solitaire
Once you and your opponent are done with the layout, both can start playing regular Solitaire. Which means, you arrange sequences of cards in the tableau in a descending order, wherein, you must place a card of the red suit under a black, and vice versa. For instance, King of Spades - Queen of Hearts - Jack of Clubs. In case you don't find a suitable move, you can always resort to the stock pile.
Build the Foundation Area
Simultaneously, you can also build up the common foundation pile in an ascending order, viz starting with the Aces. However, here, you are supposed to strictly follow the suit. You cannot place a 2 of Spades over an Ace of Hearts.

As the foundation area is common for both, you can place a card over another which has been placed by your opponent. For instance, if the opponent places the Ace of Diamonds in the foundation area, you can very well place a Two of Diamonds over it, if you have it at your disposal.
How to End
The game ends either with a player exhausting his/her deck by successfully sequencing them in the foundation area, or if both the players run out of legal moves. In the latter case, the cards in the foundation area are counted separately as per their respective decks; the player whose deck is found to have the highest number of cards wins.
Some variations to the game could be drawing three instead of one card from the stock pile, or vice versa. Also, setting a fixed time to finish the game could make it more challenging.
Informal Playing Conditions
Players must place only one card at a time on any of the foundation stacks. If both the players try to place a card on the same foundation stack, the card that was placed first stays on the stack, and the other goes back to the respective player.
Play Solo
The game can also be played by one player instead of two. The same rules and instructions apply here too. It's just like playing regular Solitaire with two decks.
So enjoy the game of Double Solitaire with a friend or family member, and have a great time. Enjoy!