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Have the Kids Follow These Steps to Play the Balloon Popping Game

Balloon Popping Game for Kids
Balloon popping is one of the most interesting balloon games. All the necessary guidance on playing this game is detailed out in the article below. Read on ...
Plentifun Staff
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Balloon popping requires a little bit of preparation beforehand. Darts are used to pop the balloons because they have sharp metal points that are capable of piercing through. You can also use a balloon popping gun, which is available in sports and toy shops. Follow these instructions to play the game.
  • Purchase two large packets of balloons. Blow them with the help of an air pump, or take help from your family and friends to reduce the exhaustion of blowing so many balloons.
  • Hang the balloons in rows or frame various shapes with differently colored balloons. First, secure the balloons on a cardboard with the help of a tape. Then, fix the board on the wall so that it doesn't fall.
  • Keep the darts ready or load the popping gun (use fake bullets provided along with it). Make sure that the darts do not puncture the wall; it is thus, very important you use the cardboard.
  • You can give a demonstration of the game to your kids. Stand at a distance of 6-9 feet and throw the dart, aiming it straight at the balloon.
  • Each kid will be given three chances; this way, they get two chances to practice. Call them one by one and allow them to pop the balloons.
  • Have three rounds to decide a winner. Make sure you keep an eye on the maximum number of balloons popped by kids so that the prize is handed over to the one deserving it.
  • Popping water balloons is probably more interesting because kids are fascinated by water. Fill the balloons with water and tie them tightly. After that, follow the same steps as mentioned above. However, the poodles will be a little messy if you are organizing this game indoors.
  • Two prizes should be given out. To first prize should be given to the kid who has popped maximum number of balloons in all rounds.
  • The second option is perhaps more entertaining. Number the balloons and the prizes. For example, if your kid has popped the balloon marked as number 2, then he will get the prize tagged with the number 2. This way, they win a prize every time they pop a balloon.
Make sure the darts do not loiter around after the game is over. Similarly, the water needs to be cleaned regularly.