5 Crazy Food Challenges You Should Never Try

It's the era of fun and crazy challenges, isn't it? We see everyone around us trying out different challenges for some reason or the other - be it the Ice Bucket Challenge, or something else. However, not all challenges should be tried, some can even be harmful. We bring to you 5 food challenges which you should NEVER try, no matter what the prize!
Plentifun Staff
Did You Know?
Despite all its side effects, the Cinnamon Challenge has had more than 30,000 takers!

Most of the time, when we talk about "crazy challenges", we mean crazy in a fun, silly way, which don't really have serious repercussions. However, there are some crazy food challenges which really aren't a good idea―they actually are crazy in the real sense of the word! Read on for food challenges which are bad ideas, and why you shouldn't EVER feel brave enough to try them!
The Cinnamon Challenge
Yes, the title itself sounds so crazy. Why would you want to swallow cinnamon? But this challenge has had a lot of takers―there have been thousands of people who have tried it (albeit, painfully). The challenge is to swallow a tablespoonful of cinnamon powder without drinking anything, in 60 seconds flat. Once you complete the challenge successfully, you're supposed to upload a video to prove that. Wait, it's not as easy as it sounds! In fact, many people who have tried this have admitted to gagging, irritation in the throat, vomiting, and coughing. Cinnamon dries your mouth and throat, and since you're not allowed to drink anything, it has the ability to severely damage your throat or even your lungs (in case you inhale the cinnamon, which, given its powdery nature, is extremely possible). The Cinnamon Challenge can choke you, which is very dangerous, and can also lead to a risk of pneumonia.
The Saltine Cracker Challenge
The Saltine Cracker Challenge is very similar to the Cinnamon Challenge. In this challenge, a person has to eat six saltine crackers in 60 seconds, and finish all the crumbs too. Again, not as easy as it sounds! Drinking water/anything else until you swallow all the saltine crackers completely is not allowed. Saltine crackers quickly dry up the saliva in the mouth, and it is very difficult to swallow them with a mouth that is extremely dry. Many people claim that this challenge is fun and relatively harmless. It might be fun and silly, except that it will dry your mouth to an extent that it actually might make you cry! Also, don't rule out the possibilities of coughing, gagging, and vomiting if you decide to try it.
The Sprite-Banana Challenge
The Sprite-Banana Challenge sort of guarantees disgusting after-effects, as almost everyone fails to complete it successfully. The objective of this challenge is to eat two bananas and then drink one liter of Sprite without throwing up. Eating two bananas? No problem. It's the Sprite that begins to churn everything in your stomach. Some people say this happens because of a chemical reaction between the two foods, but others say this is simply because the body isn't used to drinking so much liquid, to be precise, Sprite, in one go. Almost everyone fails this challenge, and end up barfing after a few big gulps of the drink. With this challenge, vomiting is almost assured. Ugh!
The Hot Pepper Challenge
By now, you pretty much can predict what a food challenge is going to be like, can't you? But we can't even begin to imagine how hard this challenge must be. The challenge starts off with the person introducing himself or herself on camera, and then describing the properties of the pepper he/she is going to be eating. The person has to chew the entire pepper for a minimum of 30 seconds, swallow it, and then wait for 5 whole minutes before he/she can drink any fluid or eat anything else to change the taste. During the five minutes, the person cannot throw up, or he/she is disqualified. The rules are flexible, really, and many challengers declare rules that are a little different from the less. The basic competition, however, is the same. Participants choose to keep cold milk or water beside them while taking the challenge. The effects of eating a full hot pepper this way? I think you can imagine!
The Gallon Challenge
When I spoke to a few people about this challenge, everyone seemed to think it was pretty easy―participants are supposed to drink a gallon of milk in 60 minutes without barfing during/for one hour after the gallon is over. Sounds fairly simple doesn't it? But it's not! The human body is not used to consuming such a large quantity of dairy in such a short time. More than often participants end up barfing, and ultimately lose the challenge. (Even if you barf AFTER the challenge is complete, it's just as gross, and so, it's best to avoid it.)
Food challenges seem like easy and fun, but some really aren't. They only provide entertainment to those watching, not to those participating. These challenges are mostly undertaken thanks to peer pressure, and participants are known to take them up to "avoid losing face." It is important to remember that no amount of peer pressure is worth the stress these challenges put on the human body, which is more precious than anything else!