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15 Clever and Funny Ways to Wake Someone Up

15 Funny Ways To Wake Someone Up
Do you find it tiring to wake someone up? That you try your best every time, but these slothful lazy men and women simply won't budge. This Plentifun write-up enlists 15 different funny ways you may find helpful to achieve this 'awakening' task.
Rujuta Patil
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
Well, snores do not count as a funny way to wake someone up (it doesn't let you sleep in first place). But, poking slightly the nostrils of someone who snores with a pencil does count as a powerful trick.
When a short and sweet little 'Good Morning!' doesn't suffice, you start wondering about other innovative ideas to wake someone up. This someone could be your partner, roommate, a friend, or your 'grown-up but irresponsible' kids.

Whoever he/she may be, sleep is next to heaven. We know and understand that. But, who would explain to these heavy-eyed individuals that they need to be awake at least for sometime to go back to that heavenly sleep. Better to let them realize it on their own, at their own 'risk'. You have fun trying out these naughty and mischievous tricks.
Funny Wake Up Pranks
Kid Blowing Trumpet to Wake Parents Up
Blow It Out Loud
Numero Uno. The first and best way to startle someone from his/her deep sleep is by way of some harsh sounds. Any musical instrument that you don't know how to play would do; just blow it loud. Remember, a trumpet cannot be surpassed by any other instrument here though. Another easily available option might be a whistle. Or if you know that you have the most inelastic vocal cords of all, simply start screaming in their ears.
Singing out loud the song they hate the most will also work (it's your divine voice after all!) And, if you are relying on an alarm clock, then make sure that the snooze button does not work.
Man Standing at the Door at Midnight
Knock Knock!
Surprise visits are still in fashion. Ringing the doorbell in the middle of the night, or somewhere around 5 am early morning is a wonderful plan. You must hold on to the bell for as long as that person actually gets up and opens the door. Also, keep on banging the door to scare him/her. Create a scene for him to be terrified. And on opening the door, tell him you have come to arrest him!
Beating Up
Friends are forever. So, it's OK if you beat 'em up a little. Cuz, this way they sure would want to see, with wide open eyes, who is inflicting that pain upon them. This friendly prank would turn out to be a memorable one. If you feel that's too much, try giving that friend a tight slap on the cheek, or a few light punches. Watch out for the retaliatory kicking though. You want to make sure all goes well thereafter.
Pouring Water From Jar
The Water Element
Water is like the best weapon, simple but still very annoying. A bucket, a squirt gun, or a jar of cold water, either one of these is sufficient to give your sleeping beauty a shock of a lifetime. How about some ice to be carefully placed near that person's neck (or even better inside his/her clothes).
Chimp Toy with Cymbals
Those Clattery Toys
Think like a child, and you will find yourself flooded with exceptional ideas to awaken the sleeping souls. Kids have plenty of noise-making toys. It is much easy to irritate your loved one with any toy animal drumming that repetitive beat, or something like a chimp banging the cymbals. The best part is that he/she would not know to shut it up. Here is a tip. Hide it at such a location that it would be difficult to find even when they are awake.
The Boss is Calling!
Another common prank played usually on friends. A phone call from the boss (also parents for that matter) with a seemingly-real dreaded cause can get rid of all snooze, even on a Sunday morning. You must try it once. Tell your friend that his/her boss is on the way, "as you haven't answered a single call since the past two hours, and that the project is badly stuck because of you". Hearing this, he/she wouldn't be alert enough to remember what time of the day, or which day.
Scary Mask
A Haunted Morning
If you know 'that' someone to be a person who can be spooked easily, then get a creepy mask and don a scary Halloween costume. Enter the room where that person is sleeping and carry along with you some horrifying background music to create that eerie effect. But, please take care that you don't scare someone who can't handle it.
Holding a TV Remote
Put on Some Loud Music
It's six o'clock by the watch. A good time for some hard rock music. Or, would you prefer troubling 'the quiet' with the most annoying TV commercials. Entirely up to you, as you may have to pay for it later, by totally abstaining from some of your entertainment perks, you received as charity. If you are not that poorly dependent, no harm in blaring out some loud music, especially the highly detested numbers.
Playing paintball in the bedroom with fresh, juicy tomatoes from the kitchen is the dirtiest way to wake someone up. You know why. But, it is plain simple FUN. And, you could have some party poppers handy to add a good rhythm to the game. Don't worry about the bed linen and covers once you are on your mission. "Of course, you should have thought of it before you attempted this spoilage", is how it would generally sound later. So, think 'how-many-ever-times' you want before you do this.
Dog Licking and Waking up a Couple
They Love Pets
For those of your acquaintances who love pets, you can just let their cute little canines and felines do the job. How sweet it is to get licked by your lovely puppy, and to get all the sleep from your eyelids washed away, literally!
Drawing with Marker on Sleeping Friend's Face
Facial Art
Drawing on the face of the sleeping person with a marker or color pencil is an old but successful idea. Never miss an opportunity to face paint, particularly when the subject is as still as 'still life'. Another alternative is to use toothpaste to draw a mustache; this is a quicker way to wake someone up due to the strong mint flavor that can be sniffed right away.
There is no dearth to one's imagination if you can actually work around some technicalities and shift the entire bed to a distant location. If it sounds too adventurous, get a few helpers and try this. Tie up that person to the bed and start shaking the bed from all four sides. Don't forget to shout out the words 'Help', 'Save me', 'Please', and so on... to create an earthquake-like environment. TIP: do plan for an escape before the dormant individual erupts to life like a fuming volcano!
When It Gets Cold
What we would never want anyone to do to us is, take off our blankets and put the fan on high speed, that too in winter. So, you know what to do now. Inhuman, but awakens those in deep slumber as quick as water.
Flavorful Scents
Waking up to something smelling delicious is a blessing to humans. This aroma therapy helps you to deceive someone and disturb their sleep. Either you really cook for them, the one delicacy that they love, or you can just use something like a cinnamon spray to make your house smell inviting. We suppose you will not choose the latter alternative with your spouse.
Tickling Someone's Feet
Tickling someone to wake them up is the cutest way of going about it. Tickles bring a cute smile to our face. It is the most peaceful of all ways listed here. Kids just love it. Although there are some who are literally "allergic" to this. You can target them the next time you see them sleep. They won't just wake up, but would run a hundred meters away from you.
Or, some more ideas... like the ones your naughty mind must have wandered through, while reading these few.
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