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Best Ice Breaker Games

Aastha Dogra Nov 22, 2018
Ice breaker games are great at parties. They help adults and kids get to know new people in the most fun and innovative way possible.
If you have ever been to a party where you barely knew somebody, you must have observed that it can make a person feel very awkward. Leave alone the shy ones, it can happen to even the most extroverts amongst us.
This is where ice breaker activities and games come handy. They help in bringing the people closer, initiating conversations among them. Here are some interesting games for people of all age groups.

Games for Kids

All Aboard!

Make the kids stand in a circle. Draw a small circle in the center with a chalk. Give instructions that when you whistle, all the kids to run and stand in the circle.
When the kids try to adjust in that small area, they develop physical proximity, which helps in bringing them together. Not to mention how much fun it can be for them. Keep on reducing the area of the circle by drawing smaller circles. The kids will enjoy themselves immensely trying to accommodate in the ever decreasing area.

Who Do I Resemble?

Another game for kids is to have each of them come one by one and then tell the others name of a vegetable, fruit, or animal they think they resemble the most and why. This activity helps even the most shy of kids to open up to others.

Ice Breakers for Teenagers

In a Minute!

Fun ideas for teens is to participate in one minute contests. If it's a large group, plan a contests where they have to know surnames of the people in the group as they can in a minute. The one who recalls the most surnames is the winner.
If it's a small group, you can divide the teens into two teams and have them compete against each other. You can keep contests as making balls with newspapers(the team which makes the maximum is the winner) or filling a bucket with water using only hands to carry and pour water in it (the team which is able to fill the maximum amount of water is the winner).

Guess Who?

Another fun game for teens is to have each one of them come forward and tell one lie and one truth about themselves. It's a fun when the others in the group try to identify, true statement. This will help the group know at least one new thing about each and every person.

Activities for Adults

Let's Know Each Other!

Simply make pairs of twos. Give each of them about one minute to know about each others hobbies, families, any funny incident in their life. Each pair has to come forward and tell the others the new things they know about the other person.

Who Has the Answers?

Give the liberty to ask any one in the group some funny icebreaker questions such as "which is the craziest thing you have ever done?" or "tell us the most embarrassing incident of your life" or "which has been your worst date?", etc.
These are some fun ice breaker activities which are sure to make the participants mingle, serving as great conversation starters. Include a few of these at a party or an office meeting, or even a summer camp, and see the participants experience non-stop fun and mixing.