Illusions for Kids

The article presents before us the descriptions of few interesting illusions for kids. This information and the explanation of what illusions are, can be helpful for the readers.
Plentifun Staff
The phenomenon of distortion of senses can simply be termed as illusion. The pattern/manner in which our brain stores, organizes and finally, interprets the stimulation received through sensory organs can be understood by means of illusions. The illusions can be of various types like visual, tactile and auditory. However, optical illusions are those which most of us are aware of. There are many different ways in which simple illusions for kids can be created. Magic and optical illusions are a favorite topic amongst kids.
Fun Optical Illusions for Kids
The optical and other illusions are fun to watch/experience in our free time. Children enjoy watching these illusions and also get to learn about how the human senses work. Many of the illusions are commonly experienced by everyone. Learning how to draw optical illusions can also prove to be a great pastime activity for kids. Let us take a look at few of these illusions in the following paragraphs.
Black Dot and Gray Haze
Black Dot and Gray Haze
In this optical illusion, a black dot is surrounded by gray colored haze. If we continue staring at the black dot for a while, an illusion of shrinking of the gray haze can be experienced.
Rabbit and Duck
Rabbit and Duck
The rabbit and duck illusion has a sketch of a duck facing right. One may also find this sketch to be the picture of a rabbit facing leftward. The open beak of duck and ears of rabbit appear to be the same; it is the highlight of this optical illusion.
Skull or Mirror
Skull or Mirror
It is one of the many different scary optical illusions available on the Internet. In this optical illusion, either a lady sitting in front of a mirror can be seen or figure of a skull can be made out from the entire picture. It depends on how we see the picture.
Pink and Green Dots
Pink dots
This is another optical illusions which has pink dots present in a circle and a '+' sign at the center. There is a rotating dot which traverses the circular path laid by pink dots. It is difficult to find out the color of this dot, however as our gaze follows the movement of this dot, it appears to be pink. Now, one should try to focus on the central '+' sign. As we concentrate on this sign for a while, the rotating dot appears to be green; the other pink dots seem to fade away.
Count the Dots
The diagram/picture for this illusion is that of a rectangular grid drawn with gray lines on a black background. Intersection points of these grids are marked with white dots. Observing them closely gives an illusion of black dots. However, the black dots appear to blink. Thus, we cannot count/determine the total number of black dots.
Learn and Teach
Learn and Teach text
Reflection of the word 'Teach' when observed in an inverted form gives impression of the word, 'Learn'.
Computer Monitor
The images conjured up by a computer screen appears to have all the different shades we can imagine. However, the reality is that all the images we see on a computer screen just have the basic (red, blue and green) colors.
Tablecloth and Silverware
It is not an optical illusion; it is one of the illusions where our senses of touch gets foxed. This illusion can be experienced at the dinner table. The feel of silverware is colder than tablecloth. This happens even though, both the silverware and tablecloth are exposed to an equal i.e. room temperature. The science behind this phenomenon is that heat is conducted away from the fingers, rapidly in comparison to the tablecloth.
The illusions for kids presented in the article include the optical ones and also those related to senses other than eyes. Kids would thus enjoy reading and knowing more about these illusions.