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Amazing and Exciting Indoor Games for Large Groups

Indoor Games for Large Groups
Games are always fun, and more so when you have a large group of people participating. Playing indoor games in a large group is real fun, but it is super fun to watch them play once you are out of the game as well. Keep reading to know about indoor games for large groups.
Divya Bichu
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Indoor games are fantastic ice breakers and allow a large group of people to gel with each other. Often these indoor games are played when there is a family get together, bad weather that doesn't allow outdoor games and at other social events. They are also great opportunities to help corporate teams come together and work more efficiently. Listed below are a few indoor games for large groups to enjoy. So, bad weather need not mean you get bored at home as you can still enjoy with these fun indoor games.
Large Group Indoor Games
Who Gets it First!
Summary: Divide the players into two groups of the same size. Now, let teammates number themselves secretly. Let's say there are 15 members in each group, then one of them is number 1, the other number 2, and so on. The two groups will stand facing each other; with a circle in the middle having a napkin in it. The game coordinator will call out any number at random, the respective numbered teammate from each team, will run towards the napkin and get it in their team. You have to avoid being caught by the other player while doing so, otherwise they get a point. Once all the players get their chance to represent the team they belong to, the scores are tallied. And the team with the highest points wins.
Recommended Age: This indoor game is recommended for all ages, but fun when played with kids or teens, since running with the napkin may not be possible for the very elderly.
Uno Cards
Summary: You will need a pack or two (depending on how large your group is) of uno cards. This game has fun, crazy rules and penalties. The basic strategy of the game is to simply, get rid of all your cards, finally being left with none. Once you are done, the game is still played between the other group members who are left with cards. This game says a lot about group behavior and helps reveal the player's state of mind during the game. Therefore, shuffle the cards, distribute them and have fun!
Recommended Age: This is one fun game for a large group of people, and can be played by all age groups.
Save Thy Balloon
Summary: You need to blow balloons, as many as the players. Give each player a balloon with a string attached to it. Now, the players have to tie the string to their ankle. Once the music is played, every player has to burst the balloon of other players and try to save their own. The one who saves his balloon till the end is the winner.
Recommended Age: Kids and teens are the best people to play this game. Adults too can participate provided they are spontaneous and enthusiastic about the same.
Dance With Me!
Summary: This is a great game to break the ice or help group members interact with each other. All you have to do is write the names of all the boys present in the group on separate pieces of paper. Fold them into chits and ask each girl to pick one, thus you have a couple. Provide all these couples with a sheet of paper (make sure it's all the same size). The game coordinator puts the music on and the couples have to start dancing on the piece of paper, no body-part should touch the floor. Once the music stops, the couple can step out of the paper frame, fold it into half and start dancing once again. With every transition of music, you fold the paper into smaller halves. The couple who survives all the folds and still manages to dance without stepping out of the paper, wins the game!
Recommended Age: This indoor game is mostly played amongst adults.
The Best Wins!
Summary: Divide everyone into groups of the same size. The game coordinator will announce a category (for example, longest hair or tallest or fattest, and so on). Each group has to select a candidate amongst themselves, who they think will win, when pitted against the candidates from the other teams. The one who wins the contest, gets a point. The team with the highest points wins the game.
Recommended Age: This game can be played with adults as well as teens.
So here you have a list of a few indoor games for large groups. You can also conduct some of these games at your birthday party, and make it all the more, fun and exciting!