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Unbelievably Enchanting Indoor Games for Small Groups

Indoor Games for Small Groups
Are you planning a get-together shortly? Thinking of planning some indoor games for your guests? Read on to find some great indoor games for small groups.
Manali Oak
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018
For family get-togethers, business meetings, birthday parties, sleepovers or any other gathering of friends, colleagues or relatives, one thing you might need to amuse your guests, is fun games. If it's a small group of guests and the party is indoors, maybe in your house or a party hall, the fun element is best added by some exciting group games. It's a myth that having a gathering indoors leaves no scope for fun activities. And it's not that games require large groups. Who told you that? There are so many indoor games for small groups. We suggest you some, here.
Bid it Right: You will need to get some articles from the market or use ones from you house. You can use stationery items, pieces of jewelry or anything from the grocery store. Give each person a pen and paper and keep the items for display. Make sure the price tag on none of the items is visible to the participants. Ask each of them to guess the prices of those items and note them down. Keep an allowed range for deviation. The one who guesses most of the prices right is the winner!
Hide-n-Seek - The Unusual Way: Ask one in the group to hide in a safe place. Now ask the others to begin finding the hidden member. The one who finds the member first, hides with that person. The one who finds them joins them! This continues till the last one in the group finds all the hidden group-mates. This indoor game can become even more exciting if played at night. That makes it a good choice of sleepover games.
Say Say: Here, we give you a set of games which involve verbal interaction, hence the name 'say say'! It can be through simple quizzing, storytelling or building words. Make a list of funny and interesting questions to ask your guests. See that none of the questions is too personal. Keep a rapid-fire round, wherein each participant has to give quick answers. You can even have a general knowledge quiz for the group. You can play a mind game, in which one participant says something and the next one responds with the first thing that comes to his mind on hearing that. You will have to actually play this game to feel the fun! Weave-a-word is another good option of an indoor game for small groups. For this game, the group stands in a circle. The first one starts with a letter and the next suffixes another letter in order to complete a valid spelling. Every person tries to extend the word to make sure that the word does not end at him. On similar lines, you can also have a game of weaving a story. Start with an idea and let the others extend it or build on it in order to complete a story. If you have some creative people in the group, you will see a small idea turning into an interesting story.
Make me Sandwiches: Ask the participants to sit in a line. Give each participant a loaf of bread, a bottle of jam, butter and a knife. The game is about making sandwiches. The person who makes the maximum number of sandwiches in the stipulated time is the winner. A good pick for kids.
Why: Divide the group into two small teams. Give each member of both the teams a pen and paper. Ask all the members of one team to write random questions starting with 'why'. Each member of the opposite team writes random sentences that begin with 'because'. Once this is done, each member spells out his question. His opponent in the other team spells his answer. As both the things are written in a random manner, the question-answer pairs are bound to be hilarious.
Group games like these can be used as icebreakers for formal meetings or informal gatherings. Depending on the age group of the participants you can vary the games or change their difficulty level. Popular games like Truth or Dare, Musical chair and Charades are good choices of indoor games for small groups. You can even have an art competition or a craft-making session (good idea for a kids' party). Games based on the Minute to Win it theme are also a big hit for small gatherings. Pick any of the indoor games from above and see your guests leave with a smile on their face.
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