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Unleash Your Inner Evil With These Epic Mean Pranks

Mean Pranks
Looking for some mean pranks to pull on roommates? Search no further as here are some meanest practical jokes that would make your frenemies weep.
Pushpa Duddukuri
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
Life is just boredom, if you merely go on living it up with rules and courtesy. Sometimes you need to spice it up with some prank ideas and have a hearty laugh at some poor soul's expense. Now don't go all goody-goody on me. You very well know that the devil inside you is dying to play some pranks on some harmless victims and not-so-innocent preys. So buck up, because here's some incredibly funny pranks to play on people which would keep the Satan within you satisfied and quenching for more.
Pranks to Pull on Friends and Enemies
The Garbage Can Prank
This is one of the great pranks to pull on your neighbors. Take a garbage can and fill it with water. Much better if it is filled with muddy water. Now, place the can leaning on the door of your targeted house. Knock and run to hide yourself. Now, watch the fun as your neighbor opens the door and gets his house flooded with dirty water. A piece of advice, don't get caught while doing it. If you do, be prepared to counter some revenge pranks.
The Coffee Machine Prank
This one borders on mean and just plain evilness. Take some laxatives and put in the coffee machine of your office. Wait and watch the frenzy it creates. Needless to say, it can make you bid goodbye to your job. But a thief is not a thief until he gets caught. So, enjoy!
The Party Prank
A boring party needs some spicing up, literally! For this prank, you need really hot pepper powder, and some probable victims. Rub this hot pepper powder on the door knob. Quickly, wash the pepper from your hands. Act innocently and watch how one or two lambs manage to rub their eyes and get excruciating pain in return. The rubbing makes matters only worse, and then you can swoop in and give them a helping hand.
The Fish Prank
Tired of your brother's unclean habits and his messy room? Buy a cheap, small fish from the market. Go to your brother's room on some pretense and hide it in a place where you know he won't even dream of looking. After a day or two, when the fish is "ripened", watch him trying to figure the source of the stink.
The Dare Prank
In this party prank, you can dare your friend to drink a shot in a single gulp for 50 dollars. Before you do that, just add quite a bit of salt in that drink (preferably a non-fizzy drink). Enjoy watching him guzzling down this bitter sour concoction. Even if he doesn't measure up to the dare, you still win a 50.
The Cricket Prank
This one is for all those worst roommates who just don't know when to shut up, or how to eat without causing a ruckus in the room. Before you go out for a sleepover or weekend getaway, buy dozens of cricket from a local pet store and release it in the room. When you come back, you would find him with baggy eyes because of lack of sleep.
The Flier Prank
Another prank to pull on your roommate is making fliers that advertise a male stripper with his phone number on it. Savor the moments when he exasperatedly tells the callers that he is not a stripper by profession.
The Locust Prank
Play this prank on any one of your friends. For this prank, you need an accomplice with whom your friend is not familiar with. Ask your accomplice to call her from a landline number and say that he is some Mr. A from Wildlife services and imply that there are thousands of locusts swarming in this area and everybody is requested to remain in their homes. Ask her to switch off all electrical appliances including the TV and lights for the next 30 minutes and remain calm till the locusts pass the area.
The Toilet Paper Prank
Things needed for this prank are some itching powder and some people high on your revenge list. Before they go to the loo, make sure you head there first and rub the itching powder on the toilet paper.
The Computer Prank
This is for someone you just can't stand in the office, who is also a novice where computers are concerned. When that person has left her desk unattended and unlocked, go to the MS Word or similar program and then to the AutoCorrect option. Replace the word 'the' with 'you hag'. Relax and have fun as she scrambles to get IT troubleshooting.
The Murder Scene Prank
You can pull this prank on your parents when they leave you alone at home for a date night or because of office work. But before you actually do this, let me tell you that you will definitely be grounded for weeks after this or even worse. Buy a good measure of "police line - do not cross" roll which are used for crime scene protection. Make sure you don't answer phone calls of your parents before they reach home. Now wrap this roll around your front porch or door neatly before your parents arrive. Just when they think they are about to have a heart attack upon seeing the "crime scene" and start looking for police officers, you can find the right moment to pop up and say "BOO"!
The Toy Prank
This is ideal for anyone who has a filing cabinet drawer in the office. Buy a soft toy that makes a squeaking sound. Remove the part in the toy that makes that noise. Make sure that you can pull out the entire shallow drawer from the cabinet and place the toy part inside the shelf of the cabinet. Then replace the drawer. When the drawer is pulled and pushed back inside, an annoying sound will be heard. Do this to your colleague and "help" him figure out the source of the noise in all possible directions. Plant suspicions on other colleagues while you are it.
These mean pranks are surely funny and entertaining, but it can bite you in your backside if you don't take caution and get caught. Moreover, you can become the next target of a horde of revenge pranks. Therefore, watch your steps and have fun.
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