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Here's a List of Minute to Win it Games That'll Cheer the Crowd

Minute to Win it Games List
Minute to Win It, a reality game show that is known to everyone who watches TV. Not just the TV show, the games are a hit with children and adults alike. These ideas are used a fun-filled contests in a party, family gatherings, schools, etc.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Hosted by Guy Fieri, Minute to Win It is televised as a prime time NBC game show. Contestants of this game show are asked to face challenges and finish the task in one minute. If they do, they advance to the next level and win cash prizes. If they are unable to do so, they are eliminated from the show. However, each contestant is given three lives that will save them from direct elimination, if they are unsuccessful completing a given task. The Minute to Win It games list is given on the shows official website and many other websites as well. This helps contestants practice and get a fair chance to win a game.
How to Play Minute to Win It Games
~ If you are wondering how to play Minute to Win It games, then let's go over the rules before we have a look at the list.
~ You will be given a challenge to complete in 60 seconds. As you proceed winning the challenges, the amount of dollars you earn increases.
~ The challenges too become very difficult to play and perform. You will be given three lives. These three lives will help you continue with the game, if you are not able to complete a task.
~ Once you use up all the three lives, you will need to play the next challenges very carefully. If you happen to lose a task, you will be eliminated from the TV game show.
~ Most of the challenges involve low-cost props that make them very popular to play at home. Children and adults both enjoy the games as they are not too difficult or easy. They have the correct balance of challenge and fun that helps one spend entertaining time playing these games.
List of Minute to Win It Games
A Bit Dicey
This is a game challenge where the contestant has to stack 6 dice on a Popsicle stick that is held in his mouth.
Baby Blockin'
The contestant is supposed to stack 5 children's building blocks on a plate. This plate is kept on the contestant's head. The building blocks as well as the plate need to be balanced on the contestant's head for at least 3 seconds.
Drop, Sink, and Clink
The contestant needs to drop 3 quarters into three shot glasses. These shot glasses are kept in the bottom of three fish bowls that are filled with water.
Chocolate Ninja
In this Minute to Win It game challenge, the contestant needs to throw 1 to 3 playing cards into a watermelon that is kept at a distance of 6 feet.
Egg Dance
The contestant needs to carry two eggs from one set of platforms to another across the stage. The eggs are kept on inverted plates that makes the game challenging.
Go the Distance
With the help of a measuring tape used as a ramp, the contestant needs to guide three balls into shot glasses. These glasses are kept at a distance of 5 feet, 6 feet, and 7 feet.
Hoop De Loop
A contestant has to roll a hula hoop in such a way that it rolls and rests around a group of 2 liter soda bottles.
Iron Board Man
In this challenge, two contestants from the same team have to work together and guide a marble down a metal ironing board. The legs of this ironing board are extended and the balls have to be dropped into the three middle holes.
Fish Head
Using a fishing rod, a blindfolded contestant has to place a lampshade over his/her head.
The contestant has to sleep or lie down his/her stomach and roll marbles to knock down a pencil that is kept 15 feet away. Each contestant gets 20 marbles to knock down the pencil in one minute.
Marbles Grande
There are 6 to 7 red ping-pong balls kept in a hula hoop that need to be bounced off with the help of white ping-pong ball thrown by the contestant from 5 feet away.
Oh Nuts!
The contestant can lose a life if he/she is not able to stack 8 bolt dumbbells over each other. If even one of them falls over, the contestant loses a life.
Pop Top
With the help of a single thumb, a contestant has to flick at least one of the 48 bottle caps kept on a round table, into a cup placed in the center of the table.
Kick Off
The contestant is supposed to kick at least 4 empty cans into a metal bucket to win this challenge.
Temper Tantrum
A pedometer is attached to the contestant's legs. They are supposed to kick their legs wildly to get the maximum number of steps on the pedometer.
Uphill Battle
The contestant has to manage three marbles on a slanted table with the help of a spoon. If even one of the marbles rolls off the table, the contestant fails the challenge.
The contestant has to stand on a platform that is kept elevated. A bottle of soda is kept 9 feet away from the contestant below the platform. The contestant has to drop a Mentos mint into the soda bottle so that it causes the soda to erupt.
Nimble Thimble
There are 6 thimbles kept and the contestant has to bounce a marble into each of these thimbles.
Roll With It
The contestant has to unroll two rolls of toilet paper at the same time. The contestant is allowed to use one hand for each roll and they have to be careful they do not break the toilet paper chain.
Junk in the Trunk
A contestant has to shake off 8 ping pong balls out of an empty tissue box that is attacked to their waist. They need to complete the task without the use of hands.
Wet Ball
A balloon has to be transported across the stage into a trash can with the help of spray bottle. The balloon has to stay in air and if it hits the ground, the contestant has to start over with another balloon.
Spoon Frog
The contestant has to catapult three spoons into cups using a spoon.
That was a short Minute to Win It games list. These are very easy Minute to Win It games for children that can be tried even by adults. Hope, you will try to enjoy playing these Minute to Win It games ideas mentioned above.