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Outdoor Games for Large Groups You'll Never Want to Stop Playing

Outdoor Games for Large Groups
As we grow up we slowly lose out on play time and then just forget about it. Here's your chance to bring back the fun with outdoor games for large groups for all ages.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Group of children playing hide and seek game
More is always merrier! Large groups of friends, kids, children, and even large group of corporate colleagues bring life to outdoor games. With a plethora of such games, there's a lot you can do with a large group. Outdoor games for large groups help in breaking the ice, which brings everyone at ease. Playing these, requires some planning and organizing so that the games are well-executed.
Games for Preschoolers
Playing games gives the little kids time to do what they want to, and teaches them how to socialize.
  • Car Wash: Preschoolers, toddlers, and kindergarten kids love to play in water. For playing car wash, you will need fairly big toy cars, baby-friendly soap, sponges, and water. Let the kids enjoy some warm weather as they wash their cars clean!
  • Splash of Paints: To play this game you will need lots of paints, transparent sheets, paint brushes, and wire to hold up the sheets. Attach the sheets to the wires and hook them on to a fence so that it looks like a wall of transparent paper. Now allow the children to paint as they wish. At the end of it, the picture will be the most innocent graffiti ever!
Games for Kids
Passive entertainment such as TV, computer games, and play stations have deviously substituted the good old outdoor games. This vacation, gather the kids and plan a few games they can play for real. You could play games like:
  • Tomato: Make everyone sit in a circle, while one person stands in the center, who is known as 'it'. Everyone sitting in the circle asks 'it' questions, which are to be answered as 'tomato'. For example, 'what's your name?' 'tomato!'. A variety of questions can be asked to make the game funny and interesting.
  • Hide and Seek: This is a popular game and is equally loved by all. All the kids hide, except one, who is chosen to seek the others.
Games for Adults
Who said games were for kids only? The mundane office lives hardly leave any room for fun and frolic. Weekends and parties are the only times when adults can let their hair down, kick off their shoes and indulge themselves. Let the grown-ups have some fun too!
  • Blind Walk: Create an obstacle course and line up the contestants. However, let them have a good look at the set up before you blind fold each one of them. Have them walk the obstacle course one by one. Record each one's time on the scoreboard. The contestant who does it the fastest is the obvious winner.
  • Blind Snakes: Fix sprinklers between the start and the finish line. Have the participants run from the start to finish without getting wet, as you control the faucet.
Games for Youths
They are sporty, adventurous, and always looking for something out of the box. Use their potential to have some incredible fun and healthy competition.
  • Treasure Hunt: Treasure hunt is a very popular game that includes immense team work and brain work. It would be much fun to watch the youngsters looking for clues to get to the treasure in a forest, on the trail! How's that?
  • King Battles: Make 2 teams and elect one player as the king for both the teams. Tie a band on his arm to distinguish him from others. Both the teams will have to try to protect their king from being kidnapped. This game is an interesting mixture of hide and seek and chess.
Playing outdoor games as a group is the most effective way of socializing, team building, honing planning and organizing skills, and sharpening leadership qualities. Strike the correct balance of academics or work and play time, because all work and no play definitely makes Jack a dull boy. Work hard but play harder!