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Unique and Incredibly Funny Prank Ideas for All Ages

Funny Prank Ideas
Wow... this is fun! Who doesn't want their birthday to be a memorable one! Why not a little differently then? Just mail all the guests that this friend of yours is turning a year older than he actually is. He'll be more than amazed to be receiving all the 'Now That You Are 30' cards when the poor fellow is actually turning 29. Ummm... you might consider not trying this one on the ladies, you know, just to avoid all the melodrama.
Poushali Ganguly
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Doesn't matter if you are in your senior year or if you just turned 40, it's always nice to add some humor into your life every now and then. And playing pranks on someone is a great way to do just that. Be it your friend, your spouse, your colleague, or just someone on the street, harmless pranks can make some great memories for you to cherish. But choose your victims wisely. You should consider someone who would appreciate it and laugh it off. You don't want a mad man running behind you after you've had your share of laughter, do you? Here are 10 prank ideas for you to play on someone and burst into laughter.
The Broken Glass Prank...
Girl putting broken glass sticker on glass window
Be it someone who's been bragging about their new car or the neighbor who won't let you play in the neighborhood, the broken glass prank is always a success. All you need to do is to buy some broken glass stickers and stick them on their windows. Your victim will surely be shocked once they see it and freak out completely. A lot of fun, trust me.
For the Sleepy Head....
Friends playing a prank on a sleepy friend
You can also try this prank on the friend who sleeps a lot. You can just carry that person out of the bed to the school ground or any unlikely place for that matter. Once he or she wakes up, he'd find himself surrounded by a laughing hoard of people. You can also try the classic alarm clock prank on your pals. Just set five to six alarm clocks and hide them in various places of the room of your victim, and watch the fun as he or she tries to shut them up in the middle of the night.
For the Morning Lover...
You can also try the toilet prank on your friend. Put some gelatin in the commode when you are sure that the victim won't use it for at least 3 to 4 hours. When they try to flush in the morning, they'll just see their deposits floating as the gelatin would have solidified by then, blocking the exit. It's surely going to be hilarious, and no need to worry about the flush. It will start working again once you break the gelatin.
For the Shoe Lover...
Money chewing gum
You can also try the glue prank on your victim by putting some glue on their shoes or slippers. Let them wear it, and then have fun as they desperately try to get rid of the slippers. I am sure you'd like to get a video of this on your phone, so be all prepared. This is something that's about to go viral on YouTube.
For the Messy One...
This prank is for your messy friend. If you have tried telling them over and over again, and they have still paid no heed, it's definitely time to teach them a lesson. All you have to do is stick a sign on their bed or cupboard that says "Use Me!". You can proudly show off this big dustbin every time someone visits your place. If your roommate has enough brains, he/she will know that it's high time they change.
I Love My Hair...
Girls making fun of another girl
Has somebody been showing off their new haircut too much lately? Way too much for you to stand! Well, it's time to act a little naughty then. Ask everyone to start staring at their hair and make weird faces as soon as they enter the room. You can even ask everyone to ask them what was wrong with their hair. Trust me, the expression on their face and the hurried trip to the restroom is going to be priceless. And hopefully, that non-stop chatter about the hair won't be back anytime soon.
Honey, You're Late!
Man looking ta the alarm clock
This one is the best if your spouse has to wake up before you. Just set all the clocks an hour or two ahead of the time (preferably around the time when you wake up). Then wake him up yelling, to let him know that he is late for work. You can get away with it until he steps out of the door and then show him the right time. Already bursting out, aren't you?
For the Workaholic...
Irritated man
Has somebody been working too much lately? Just put a tape on their mouse ball or sensor. They'll be all confused why their mouse won't work. Another great idea is to simply remove the keyboard cable. That should keep them away from their computer for some time at least.
Can You Please Speak Up?
Man speaking loudly
Be it the new bride in your family or a new employee in the office. Just tell them that a certain someone has a hearing problem and request them to speak a little louder every time they talk to them. You can tell the other person the same thing about the other and enjoy to your fullest every time they get into a loud conversation.
So there you have it, all my personal favorites. Now that you are equipped with these great prank ideas, I guess I should just be thankful that I am not anywhere around you. But people around me should surely look out!
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