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Feeling Vengeful? Here are Some Revenge Pranks You Can Try

Revenge Pranks
Want some great revenge pranks to get back at someone? Read the following article for some great ones.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Somebody did something to you, pulled a fast one on you and basically made you feel stupid or angry or humiliated? What are you going to do? You could sit back and take it, or let it go, or you could play some harmless revenge pranks on the poor buggers. But the question is―do you know of any? 'Cause if you really want to get back at someone, you need to have really great pranks up your sleeve and a guarantee that they'll work. Simply refer to the following article and borrow a few ideas from here.
Pranks on Friends
You know the popular adage―'With friends like you, who needs enemies?'... Seems to fit perfectly for some, right? So for them who've taken special care to bring this into action―here are some unique pranks. Use them well.
Underwear Scare

This one's a mean trick. But totally worth every guffaw and snort it'll induce. Buy an abnormally ugly cut, shockingly psychedelic printed pair of underpants and write your friends name on it. Then at a party or any gathering where your group of friends are present, put them on a hook in the washroom or throw them on the floor. All evening through there will be secret laughs and whispered comments.
Cell Phone Mishap

If you can manage to get your hands on their cell phone, this revenge prank will be really something. When they are in the bath, take their cell phone and change all their speed dial numbers to completely random ones or better still, change them to some that your friend is no longer in touch with. Then watch the confusion. When he/she finally figures it out and changes it back, find the phone and do it all over again.
Beach Fall

When at the beach, wait for your friend to go to the washroom and then quickly dig a hole under the beach towel or mat that he/she was sitting on. Then place the towel as it was before. Sit back and watch while they come and plop into the sand.
Grease Up!

This one's simple. Take some grease and place small dollops of it on spots around the house that you know your friend will usually touch―the door knob, cupboard handles, and shower faucets. Place them so that the grease cannot be seen. Do this over a few places and not just one. This will make him so suspicious of everything around the house. Running gag!
Pranks on Neighbors
Neighbors can be a menace sometimes. What did they do this time? Squeal on you? You can get back to them with these pranks.
Bird Tweets

Here's one that will annoy the hell out of the neighbors. Buy an electronic bird call machine and place it in your neighbor's home. Then start operating it... at any odd hour of the day. The neighbors will be frazzled trying to find the bird when it clearly does not exist.
Detergent Water

The next time your neighbor goes out to water the garden, there will be a surprise waiting for him. Pour some detergent into the hose pipe, near the main connection, so that when he opens the hose a frothy, foamy jet of water will greet his garden.
Smelly Room

Buy some stink spray and spray it discreetly in their garden or living room or whichever place you have access to. Make sure you are not caught or there will be hell to pay. Then let the smell percolate around. It'll take days for them to finally get rid of the smell! This prank is a little below the belt so use it only if you really, really must.
Pranks with Cars
Using tissue to ambush the car or a house is really an old revenge prank. Use one of these more creative ones.
Turd Attack

How irritating is it to be greeted with crow droppings/pigeon droppings on your car? Very! So take that a notch higher. This one's gross so don't say I didn't warn you. Buy some brown clay and mix some corn or carrot pieces in it to make it look like dog poop. Now place this on a strategic location. If you can manage the car seat, there will be nothing like it. Imagine the torture your neighbor will face.
Flat Tires

Blow some balloons and place them in front of the back tires of the car. When they start the car, they'll get a blown out sound. Works best at night when they can't see the tires.
Note Scare

Here's a scary prank to play―leave a note on the window or tucked in the wipers saying 'Sorry for the horrible damage to the car. Will pay back after I'm back from the hospital'. Of course there is no damage. Then you watch from a distance as they frantically try to find something.
It's not called sweet revenge for nothing. So now that you have these really practical (and rather harmless) revenge pranks, I say you go try them out and lead the revenge prank war!
Scared Woman at the Shower
Italian Car Stuck In Snow