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Rules for Playing Guess Who Board Game

Rules for Playing Guess Who Board Game

Unlike regular board games, Guess Who doesn't require players to use dice or tokens. A player has to simply use his/her guessing skills in order to win. Check out the details and the rules to play this fun game in this Plentifun post.
Vibhav Gaonkar
Travel 'Guess Who'
A portable travel edition of the game exists. This edition contains 20 face cards unlike the regular version, and can be played when on the move.

Have you played Charades, Twenty Questions, or Hangman? Most of us have. These are simple guessing games played among two or more players, wherein the sole objective is to guess a phrase or word. Such games require players to provide clues or ask questions in order to decipher the mystery phrase.

Guess Who is somewhat similar. The only difference being that the players need to guess a person (human figure) instead of words or names. The game was the brainchild of Ora and Theo Coster, and was popularly referred to as Theora Design. It was manufactured and popularized by Milton Bradley, in 1979, in Great Britain.

Take a look at the Guess Who board game rules given below, and begin playing.

How to Play Guess Who Board Game
Get the Game
To play this amazing game, you'll need to purchase it from a store. Look for the original Hasbro one. The game is also available in several special editions, including Marvel, Disney, and even Star Wars. Buy the one that you fancy.

Set it Up
If you already own the game, you can begin by setting up the game.
  • Sit facing your opponent.
  • Pick a game board, and ask the opponent to pick one too. Each board has a total of 24 cards spread across 4 rows.
  • Shuffle the mystery cards and place them face-down.
  • If the cards on the board are folded, unfold them such that you can see each card clearly.
A single round of the game would take anywhere around 5-10 minutes. However, you can play multiple rounds to enjoy the game even more.

Both players shall begin by randomly choosing one mystery card from the shuffled deck of cards. Mystery cards are in fact all 24 faces present on the board. Players can look at their cards, but cannot disclose them to the opponent.

Once both players have picked a card, they can keep it in any of the slots present at the bottom of the board. Then, each player take turns to ask questions about the card he has to guess. For instance, he may ask 'Is the person male or female?', or 'Does he have a mustache?', and the like. Players have to asks questions that can be answered as 'yes' or 'no'. Questions like, 'What does he/she look like?' or 'Is it a male or a female?' aren't allowed.

Players fold cards which do not match the description given by the opponent. For instance, if the person is a male, the player would fold all female cards. Likewise, he would go on narrowing down the alternatives until he's left with only a few matching ones.

Once a player is pretty sure about who the described person would be, he makes a guess. If he guesses correctly, he wins the game. However, if he guesses incorrectly, he loses. The opponent should then disclose the real card and conclude the game.

Now that you're clear with the rules, here's a tip: Always follow a broad to narrow format when asking questions, this will help you eliminate non-eligible options quickly. For example, you can begin with gender, followed by appearance, facial features, etc.