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Rules You Ought to Know for Playing Kings in the Corner Game

Rules for Playing Kings in the Corner Game
If you are done and dusted playing the regular Solitaire card game, here comes the Kings in the Corner card game, which is just like Solitaire but comes with a twist to take away your boredom. This Plentifun post informs you about the Kings in the Corner rules to help you play this game.
Rucha Phatak
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Kings in the Corner is also called King's Corner, Kings Corners, and King in a Corner. Besides these name variations, it is said that the game was invented in the 1910s by the Grey family on the board of SS Suevic.
Playing card games are always considered as a fun activity when you want to just sit at home, but still have an amazing time with your family and friends. However, some card games usually turn out to be more than just a fun activity. A game like Kings in the Corner tests your patience, sharpness of your mind, and skills.

Let us see how to play Kings in the Corner card game.
All You Need is ...
Kings in corner card game
► A flat surface
► A standard deck of playing cards
► 2 - 4 players
1. Players sit around a flat surface like a table to play the game. It can be called a playing board.

2. A player shuffles the deck and deals 7 cards to each player.

3. The remaining deck of cards is placed in the middle on the board.

4. The topmost four cards from the deck are placed on the four sides of the deck, forming a plus sign. These cards are placed face up.

5. The black corners of the plus sign are called king's corners. If a king appears while laying the four cards face up, it is immediately placed in a corner. A new card takes its place.

6. A player on the left of the dealer starts the game.
1. The first player draws a card from the pile.

2. The player places that card or any card from his hand on the board. He can place more than one card at a time.

3. The four face-up cards are taken as a starting point while placing the cards from player's hand. A player places cards in the descending order and in alternate colors. For example, if the starting point card is 7 of spades, then the player will place 6 of hearts or diamonds on it if he has the card.

4. The player makes the combinations from the available cards in his hand and let goes of as many cards as he can.

5. Next, he passes the turn to the player on the left if he cannot play any more cards.

6. If any player draws a king, the card is placed in an open corner. Then, it should be used as the starting point as well.

7. The game continues like this until a player gets rid of all the cards in his hand. That player wins the game.
What You Should Know
► Kings are the highest and aces are the lowest, point-wise.

► A player cannot intentionally hold any card back if it fits on the board.

► A player can shift a foundation pile and place it on another if it fits. For example, if a foundation pile consists of a red two and a black ace, it can be placed on another pile, which ends with a black three. The shift of a sequence is considered in the turn of the player.
► A player fills the black space left after the shift. He can place a card, which he cannot fit anywhere else on the board. This is the most effective strategy of the game.

► A complete pile from king to ace should be removed from the board to avoid any cluster.
Game Variations
► The first player to begin the play can be chosen by drawing cards as well. Each player draws a card from the center pile. The player with the highest card value starts the game. However, those drawn cards should be returned to the pile before the beginning of the game.

► In another variation of the game, a player who shifts the card sequence from one pile to another, gets the chance to add cards in the ascending order as well. For example, if he can add the card higher than the original face-up card underneath it. A player gets this chance only after he shifts the pile.

► If a player forgets to pick a card from the deck in the beginning of his turn, he misses his turn altogether.

► If only two players are playing the game, then the one who is losing shuffles the cards for the next game. Any player can shuffle the cards if there is a tie.

► In some variations, players can count the points at the end of the game to decide the winner and loser. When a player plays all the cards from his hand, the game stops. That player is considered as the winner. The remaining players' cards are counted. Each card values 1 point; however, a king values 10 points. A player with the highest count loses.

► To make the game more interesting, it can be played with chips as well. Eighty plastic chips are divided among the players equally. The game is played as usual. However, when a player cannot play any card from his hand or move a pile, he places a chip from his stack and places it in a bag. As the game ends, a player who has no cards left in his hand is picked as the winner. He takes all the chips from the bag and one from each player. The game continues with the remaining chips.
The Kings in the Corner card game can be played in any which way you want. All you need is great company to play with, which adds more fun to this amazing game!