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Sample Questions to Play Human Bingo Game

Read These Numerous Sample Questions to Play Human Bingo Game

Human bingo is a game which puts a quirky and entertaining spin on the run-of-the-mill icebreaker games. In this post, we're providing you with sample questions to play human bingo, along with template to use at your next gathering.
Renuka Savant
Last Updated: Dec 19, 2017
Here's a tip...
While the allotted interaction time depends on the size of the group, it's better to keep it on the lower side to encourage quicker conversations; and thus, ensuring that more and more people mingle.
Icebreaker games can be a complete pain for the introverted kind, especially the ones which require public speaking. Human bingo, therefore, comes as a breath of fresh air as it calls for speedy, one-on-one interaction with people, in a manner that is more subtle than boisterous.
The questions used in human bingo can be kept as serious or as informal as you want them to be. The nature of the questions depends on the group at hand, which is why we've categorized them accordingly. Before we get to those, let's run through the rules.
How to Play Human Bingo
Before the game:
● Take a print of the blank grid template we've provided. Fill in the desired question inside each grid.

● Make adequate copies of the filled template.

● Ensure you have adequate pens and pencils for members to use.
During the game:
Distribute the game sheets and pens among everyone, following which you begin to explain the rules.
  • Announce the allotted time for the game.
  • People should begin interacting with each other, asking questions in the grid.
  • In case one meets a person who matches a characteristic, ask him/her to sign on the concerned grid. Remember, a person can sign only on a single box in another member's sheet.
  • In the shorter version of the game (usually 15 - 20 minutes), people are only expected to fill up a line (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal). The longer version (20 -30 minutes) has people complete the whole sheet.
  • Accordingly, the person who achieves the said target before everyone is the winner.
After the game:
● The idea behind playing this game is to encourage and facilitate interaction so that the assembled people can get a better insight about everyone's personalities.

● This is a better manner of introducing people, as the game can be used to reveal a more informal side of everyone assembled.

● You have the option of handing out prizes to the winners.
Blank Template
Blank Template
Human Bingo Icebreaker Questions
Questions for Kids
● I hate ice cream.
● I have brown eyes.
● I was born outside the U.S.
● I have a dog.
● I love pizza.
● I like to draw.
● I have a younger sister.
● I'm good at Math.
● I love chocolate milk.
● I can speak a second language.
● My name begins with a vowel.
● I am left-handed.
● I'm good at a sport.
● I have an older brother.
● I can swim.
Questions for College Students
● I love retro music.
● I can play a musical instrument.
● I'm fluent in more than 2 languages.
● I've traveled abroad.
● I've ran the marathon.
● I've volunteered for a charity.
● I can ride a bike.
● I don't have a Facebook profile.
● I've cheated on a test.
● I can cook a decent meal.
● I have voted.
● I am an athlete.
● I read a book last summer vacation.
● I went to Coachella.
● I'm planning to get a Master's degree.
Questions for Adults
● I have set up a 401(k) for myself.
● I'm vegan.
● I exercise regularly.
● I prefer tea over coffee.
● I've been to the opera.
● I've backpacked abroad.
● I was raised on a farm/ranch.
● I have less than 3 siblings.
● I love adventure sports.
● I support the Green Party.
● I'm a cat person.
● I pay my own rent.
● I don't smoke.
● I honestly love my job.
● I voluntarily read newspapers.
Funny Questions
● I solemnly swear I'm up to no good.
● I've broken off on Facebook.
● I'm sexy and I know it!
● I've watched 'Titanic' more than once.
● I think the Macarena pips Gangnam Style!
● I've been caught while cyber-stalking an ex.
● I follow rules during Monopoly.
● I can't watch horror movies.
● I've gone commando to an important event.
● I have a tattoo I regret.
● Lies still exist on my resume.
● I've won a pie eating contest.
● I enjoy watching 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'.
● I've got Bieber on my playlist.
● I've lied on my Tinder profile.