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Fun Things to Do on a Sunday That'll Recharge You for Monday

Things To Do On a Sunday
Sunday is around the corner, and you don't have even the tiniest idea about what to do with it! Whether you are a student or a working person, Sunday is all about "all play and no work!"
Rajib Singha
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
People get so busy with their daily mundane activities of life that they just cannot think of anything exciting on weekends; specially on Sundays. Most of the time, it gets late for people to realize that the weekend has been wasted. What lies ahead then is a long vexing wait of 5 days between you and your next weekend.

Not that we diligently follow the all-work-and-no-play policy for the rest of the week, but Sunday is like the official day of doing it! But, just having a Sunday does not suffice; you need to have a plan for spending it! And this is where you stumble upon the question, "What fun things can I do on a Sunday?" So, you stumble, you get up, but you still have no answer. Well, we have some great answers for you; all you have to do is simply scroll down.

Note: Reading this article is not mentioned in the following list of things you can do on a Sunday. You get the point right?
Fun Things You Can Do On a Sunday
Compose Music
compose music on a sunday
If you are a music aficionado, then Sunday is the best time to compose some great tunes. Get some of your friends too, to join you. The more the merrier. Later, upload your composition online.
Update Your Playlist
update playlist
If you haven't got time due to your busy schedule and have missed out on the latest music hit singles, take time out on Sunday to update the playlist on your music player. Listening to songs will surely rejuvenate your mood.
Play Cards
playing UNO
Gather your friends together, and play some card games. It could be poker, bridge, or may be if you don't know any, then UNO is a good game to start with. You will not notice how fast time can fly while playing cards.
Play Games Outdoors
outdoor games
Call your old friends, and indulge in your favorite sport. It could be a game of football, cricket, or if there's a beach close by, then what better than a game of volleyball. There is nothing like giving your bones a shake and some boost of energy.
Watch Movies
watching movie or play
Gather your friends, and watch two movies back-to-back in a theater. Choose a really sad movie to start with, and then go for a comedy flick. Nothing beats this trick to fool around a little with your emotions!
Try a New Recipe
If you are fond of cooking, then look for new recipes online, and try them. Ask some of your friends to try the dish and give their verdicts. If you are totally new to cooking, then you may want to call friends who are really close to you.
Go Hiking
Go for a hiking trip with your girlfriend/boyfriend or a bunch of friends; it's your choice! Pack some eatables, flashlights, blankets (if it is cold), matchbox, lighters, and all other stuff people carry with them while hiking. After you awe at the beauty of the sunrise, scattering its red-golden rays across the sky, you can spend the rest of your Sunday hiking.
Go on a Road Trip
Road Trip
Make plans in advance for the weekend with a group of friends, and go for a long drive to the countryside. Take turns driving so that the other gets to relax and enjoy the ride. It's a great way to unwind and get a feel of the countryside. Make sure you click some pictures, and upload them online.
Collect Seashells
If you have a beach nearby, then go there, and collect some seashells. Bring them home, and you can maybe make a seashell necklace for yourself, your friend, or a family member. You can even sell it, if you are running low on cash; just kidding!
Make a Dog Tag
Dog Tag
If you have bought a puppy just recently, or if any of your friends have, then do an online search for a cool name for the new guy in town. You can even prepare a tag having details of the dog's name and your address, just in case your pup gets lost.
Do Some Gardening
If you love sowing seeds, watering them, talking to plants, feeling the softness of its leaves and flowers, love their musky and earthy smell, and enjoy finding and squashing pesky little bugs who feed on them, then let me guess -- you love gardening! So, if you have not been able to spend some time with your little green friends, then consider Sunday to be the perfect day to do so.
Become Budding Scientists!
do some cool experiments
If you are interested in science, and you have some friends who love the subject too, then search for some cool experiments that you can try at home. However, unless you have something like a Dexter's laboratory in your home, choose experiments which do not involve any chemicals. You don't want to spend your Sunday explaining a burned sheet or charred curtains to your parents or the local fireman, do you?
Spend Time Reading
read books
It has always been said that a person, apart from doing his daily job, should also have the habit of reading books. It may be very boring for some, but if you are the kinda guy who likes to spend his free time at home, then there is nothing like reading a fiction or a non-fiction novel. You can visit the closest bookstore and pick up the latest novels of your choice. It's a hobby that is a mix of fun, pleasure, and knowledge.
Observe Nature's Beauty
Nature's Beauty
Trees, greenery, rivers, streams, and sound of birds chirping fill the heart with lightness and tranquility. The 'whoosh' of the wind brushing through the thickets of forests always sounds better than the 'click, click' of the computer keyboard. The singing of birds plays a wonderful tune; far better than the always ringing cell phone. Well, there is nothing like enjoying nature and watching the sun's rays produce some magical effects in the water and the surrounding.
Sketching is an intricate, soothing, and appealing activity that can keep you engrossed for long hours at a stretch. You can choose to draw comic strips, human or abstract drawings, or just sketch any attractive little thing that's in front you. You can thus make a good sketch, and add it to your collection.
Work on a Sunday
Go to your office, and finish your pending work. It will actually be an altogether different feeling, as you will enjoy the bliss of sheer quietness of your workplace. But of course, after reading all the other great ideas we have posted here, working on a Sunday is a tough choice to make.
Well, I guess that would be all for some ideas on how you can spend your Sunday. If you come up with any other great idea, then leave it in the comment box. Have a great Sunday!
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