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Who Am I Riddles

Who Am I Riddles

These who am I riddles are fun for both adults and children. Go through them, and put your puzzle solving abilities to test...
Marian K
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2018
Memory Game
I have a question. But I'm also the question. The right answer is only one, but it's rarely the answer you have. I can beleaguer, entertain and frustrate most to the ends of their tether. I'm rarely found on your nightstand, yet I'm always on everyone's tongue. The more vague I act, the happier the asker is. The dull have no hold over me, the smart have only but a flimsy grasp of my true nature. I enjoy it when you fiddle and twiddle and stop to ponder in the middle. So, who am I? A Riddle! I am the very collection of brilliant wordplay you're about to read...
Easy 'Who Am I' Riddles with Answers

I have an eye but cannot see. I am stronger and faster than any man alive but have no limbs. Who am I?

All about, but cannot be seen,
Can be captured, cannot be held,
No throat, but can be heard.
Who Am I?

Until I am measured
I am not known,
Yet how you miss me
When I have flown.
Who Am I?

I am the fountain from which no one can drink. For many I am considered a necessary link. Like gold to all I am sought for, But my continued death brings wealth for all to want more. Who am I?

A box without hinges, lock or key, yet golden treasure lies within. Who am I?

My life can be measured in hours,
I serve by being devoured,
Thin, I am quick,
Fat, I am slow,
Wind is my foe. Who am I?

Voiceless I cry,
Wingless I flutter,
Toothless I bite,
Mouthless I mutter.
Who am I?

I never was, am always to be,
No one ever saw me, nor ever will,
And yet I am the confidence of all,
To live and breathe on this terrestrial ball.
Who am I?

What does man love more than life
Fear more than death or mortal strife
What the poor have, the rich require,
and what contented men desire,
What the miser spends and the spendthrift saves
And all men carry to their graves?

'Who Am I' Riddles for Kids

I give milk and have a horn but I'm not a cow? Who am I?

I always runs but never walk, often murmur, never talk, have a bed but never sleep, have a mouth but never eat. Who am I?

The more you have of me, the less you see. Who am I?

I'm black when you buy me, red when you are using me, and white when you are through with me. Who am I?

Forward I'm heavy, but backwards I'm not. What am I?

I have four legs but no tail. Usually I am heard only at night. Who am I?

If a man carried my burden he would break his back. I am not big but leave silver in my tracks. Who am I?

Say my name and I disappear. Who am I?

I'm a green house. Inside me is a white house. Inside the white house there is a red house. In the red house there are lots of babies! Who am I?
Pondering over a set of words, and trying to decipher the hidden meaning in them is an activity most people enjoy. I enjoy riddles, not just because they are fun to figure out, but also because they take me back to my childhood, where new riddles and trick question were always asked with much glee. In a world filled with conformity, riddles give you the chance to think out of the box, and sometimes jump start those idling gray cells. Apart from being a good way to occupy time when we are alone or traveling, they are also very good for the development of the mind. Studies have shown that puzzles and problem solving among other activities, stimulate the brain can cause the brain to grow and also reduce chances of memory loss later. So go grab a book of riddles and have fun!