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Basic Rules to Play the 'Snaps' Game

Basic Rules to Play the 'Snaps' Game

Looking for a quick game to play with two or more players involved? Here's an interesting guessing game that can be played without any accessory. This Plentifun article is giving away information on the basic rules to play the 'snaps' game; a game that would blow your mind!
Anamika Kumari
Tricky Vowels
The game goes pro when the word being guessed has two vowels coming together. For a word like 'goose', it would be very confusing to realize whether the eight snaps in between the sentences were for two 'O's, or for a 'U' and another 'I'. Therefore, a lot of keen attention and practice of the game is required to win the game.
"Snaps is the name of the game. The name of the game is snaps. So, do you know how the game is played? No, of course, you don't. *(snap)*. Prepare to get instructed on the basic rules to play a game of snaps. Stay attentive to get the word."

Oh yes! We have been playing the game 'snaps' with you and the word was 'SNAPS' itself. We don't blame you if you still don't get the rules of it. Snaps is a pretty tricky and amazing game to play. It is mind-boggling and entertaining at the same time. Apart from the game, it can be used by two people to communicate with each other, while confusing the others present who are not familiar with the game. This is obviously as long as the others don't guess the trick that is being played. A person needs to understand the concept and rules of the game to guess the suggested word correctly.

A person thinks of a word or a phrase and starts the round. The word can be any name, place, animal, or thing. If the word starts with a difficult alphabet, you can try suggesting a phrase that's associated with the word. Certain hints are passed on by the player for the required alphabets of the phrase or the word. These hints are either carried in the first alphabet of the sentence the initiator speaks, or the number of times he or she snaps the fingers. The entire set of sentences and number of snaps make one single code for the word or the phrase.
Basic Rules to Play the Snaps Game
The initiator thinks of a word or a phrase that is known to all. The main motive of the game would be to help the rest of the players guess the word or phrase.
A person initiates the first round of the game by saying "Snaps is the name of the game. The name of the game is snaps" out loud.
While suggesting the name of a famous person, use "Snaps is the name of the game." When suggesting the common name of a personality, say "Snaps may be the name of the game." If suggesting a phrase that is associated with the word that was decided upon, then say "Snaps is not the name of the game."
The following sentence that is spoken shall start with the alphabet that marks the beginning of the word if it is a consonant.
When passing the hint for a vowel, snap your fingers a definite number of times to indicate the vowel involved. For example, while indicating 'a', snap once. For 'e', snap twice. Similarly, thrice for 'i', four times for 'o', and for 'u', snap five times continuously.
Go on speaking sentences for hinting the consonants and snapping for the vowels. Care must be taken not to use unnecessary expressions or sentences during speech.
If a player is able to guess the word at any point of time, the first player stops speaking immediately. The player who has guessed the word or phrase gets the chance to start the next round.
What You Should Know
• Under no condition is the word to be prompted by any other means. This involves using that word in any of the sentences. Until and unless all the players get a chance to lead the round, the game goes on.

• The person with the maximum number of correct guesses wins the game. To check whether you have got acquainted with the basics, go back to the introductory paragraph once again and try to guess the word 'SNAPS'.
This game befits all occasions and is going to leave the audience dazed and begging for more. Once a player gets along the flow of the game, it becomes a child's play to guess the names or words that are being suggested.