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Best Strategy Board Games of All Time

Best Strategy Board Games of All Time

Exercise is to body what strategy board game is to mind. They are the best workouts for your mind as it requires thinking. Moreover, you have tons of fun, and get to spend a good time with your family and friends. This Plentifun article takes you through the best mind-bending strategy games of all time.
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Mind-boggling Facts!
  • The longest game of Monopoly went on for 70 straight days!
  • The highest score in Scrabble that has ever been recorded officially was 1,049!
  • The most expensive Monopoly set in the world is worth $2 millions. It was crafted by jeweler, Sydney Mobell, and consists of 23-karat gold board, rubies, sapphires, and diamond-studded dice!

Strategy board games are fun and an excellent way of exercising your minds. They have been around for centuries now. They really get you engrossed in making tactics and decisions throughout the game. They also help develop intelligence and sharpen minds, especially in kids. They are not completely based on luck. The players have to think rigorously, plan, and execute the strategy using your intuition. This is what makes a game mind-bending. They keep you engaged and make you want to play more and more. In today's digitized world, people have mostly taken up online gaming, and as a result they are hooked to their devices most of the time. It's good to experience life without our gadgets sometimes. Plan a day or weekend that you would spend with your family or friends playing board games instead. Here's a list of best strategy board games ever. Check it out!
Best Strategy Board Games Ever

Chess is the classic and one of the most popular and oldest strategy board games of all times. It is played by millions of people all over the world in homes, parties, clubs, international tournaments etc. It is fiercely competitive and strategy-based where intellect and tactics play a vital role. The main objective of this game is to 'Checkmate' your opponent's king by placing it an inescapable way. In this game, your strategic abilities are put to real test. It is enjoyed by people of all ages, even children. Once you learn how each game piece moves across the board, you can start planning and making strategies. After all, practice makes a man perfect!

Scrabble is a word game that is played worldwide. It is fun and challenging. In this game, players are supposed to score points by placing the letter tiles on squares containing points. The letter tiles are also assigned a value, and words must be created adjoining to the words that already exist on the board. It popular among children, especially because it helps in increasing vocabulary and requires good thinking in making words.

Risk is considered the best strategy board games ever. Each player is assigned certain territories in board, which is a world map, and they to fight the enemies and capture as many territories as possible. This world domination game is completely based on complex strategy and a bit on luck as far as rolling the dice is concerned.

Game of Thrones
For those of you who have never heard of it before, yes, Game of Thrones is a board game too apart from being a book series and TV program. It is a complicated game based completely on skill and strategy with no room for luck. The objective of this game is to become dominant over your enemies using battle, politics, diplomacy, and espionage.

This game is fast-paced and a mix of strategy and plenty of luck, which takes you in the medieval times. It is a good option if you want to introduce children to the world of board games, although it is enjoyable for adults too. It is a game in which the players have to develop the area around the town of Carcassonne. The player who develops his/her area the best wins the game. There are many variations and expansions of this game available.

The Settlers of Catan
It is strategy board game that involves gathering of resources. It is a brilliant and complicated game, yet worth investing time. The players play the role of settlers, who have to cultivate and develop their settlements, and trade resources with other players reach their goals. The main aim of this game is to collect 10 victory points.

Ticket to Ride
This strategy game takes the players on a cross-country train adventure. They have to use their plastic train cars and make some clever strategies to connect cities along the route. The player cannot play his/her trains on the routes that have already been claimed by other players. This is where strategy comes into play. You have to end up with two or lesser trains at the end of the game. It helps small children planning out their routes and also learn about maps.

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is one of the best and balancing strategy board games. It is good choice if you want to build your strategic game-playing skills. It is a bit complicated, but after a game or two, you will surely get hooked on to it. You assume the role of colonial governors and have to build a city with buildings and plantations on your own board, and ship the goods back to earn points. The strategy of this game is to choose the actions that will help you the most. The player with maximum points wins the game.

It is a fun board game that really keeps you engaged and entertained for hours. The objective of this game is to get five chips in a row according to the cards. The game ends when a player completes the winning amount of sequences i.e. two sequences for two players or teams, and one sequence for three players or teams.

Diplomacy is also considered as one of the best strategy board games. It contains pure strategy and skill. In this game, you have to make alliances with your enemies only to stab them in their backs before you get stabbed by someone. There is no space for luck in this game.

The Game of LIFE
It is a popular family game that takes you through various events of life. It involves clever decision-making skills and luck. You are required to choose college, job, marry, buy real estate, and retire as well. You have to end up with most money in order to win the game.

Monopoly is another strategic game that involves buying and trading properties, collecting rent, building houses or hotels. The aim of this game is to bankrupt your opponents. It involves quick thinking and decision-making skills with a bit of luck and intelligence. It is a fun game and can keep you entertained for hours.

This is another classic board game involving brains and tactics. It is popular among children. The player has to move along an 8x8 grid jumping the opponent's pieces only to remove them from the game.

Axis & Allies
It is a good option for those who are looking for a classic war game based on strategies. It is a game based on World War II. All it takes to play this game is the right strategy!

Most of you might be feeling nostalgic by now, isn't it? Grab your favorite board game now that has been lying covered in the dust somewhere, gather your family or friends, and get started for a fun-filled day!