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Board Game Ideas That'll Inspire You to Create One

Tulika Nair Sep 26, 2018
All of us have grown up playing board games, but have you ever thought of different ideas that will allow you to be the inventor of a popular game that kids and adults can both play. Explained here is the process of developing a board game.
If you are a How I Met Your Mother  fan, then you would have definitely not missed the episode where Lily's father is introduced. This is a person, whose only job in life seems to be coming up with different ideas for board games. So, you had games that ranged from the absolutely weird called Diseases  to the reel life inspired Slap Bet.
But, like most things on television, these board games are bordered on the weird and surreal. If you have always wanted to be heralded as the inventor of such a game, you need to come up with different ideas, which go beyond the usual. Here, we tell you how you can come up with different ideas, and make a board game.

Homemade Board Game

Take a look at any of the top games, and you will see that most of them, when they were created, were aimed at a certain specific group of people. This is the first thing that you need to keep in mind while thinking of ideas.
Always, decide, who is your target audience. This is important as your game needs to be age appropriate. You cannot create a game that needs the players to use advanced mathematics, and aim the game at six year olds.
Another important thing that you need to remember while thinking of ideas to make your own games, is to decide on the type of the game. Decide whether the game will be goal oriented, strategy driven, trivia laden, etc. This is an important decision that you will need to make.
It will be easy to come up with ideas, once you have a range of themes for selection. Make a list of all those things that interest you, and then make a list of your favorite games. Now use these two lists for inspiration.
Another factor that could help you to come up with different ideas, is knowing why you are creating such a game. If you are looking for ideas for school projects, it may be a good idea to stick to a theme that is mostly educational in nature.
If the purpose of the game is recreation, then remember to keep the game fun and engaging. For every game, it is important that the course of the game is such that, the player looks forward to, not only his own turn, but also is intrigued by the play of others.
Once you have come up with the theme and a generic idea, you need to decide what are the number of players that can play. Remember, if the number of people are more, who can play the game, then the chances of the game becoming popular. It is also important to come up with the rules and regulations to avoid any misunderstandings regarding the game.
The rules are the most important feature of any play, without which, it is practically impossible to reach a decision about who the winner will be. Once you have decided on one of the many ideas, you will also need to come up with a name for the game that you have invented.
After all, to rake in those millions, and to be known as the creator of one of the best board games ever, you will need a name for the audience to identify it with. Once you have thought of a name, it is time to design the game.
Use your graphic designing skills, and come up with different designs for the board. Use decorative pieces as playing pieces, decide the color of the dice, and you should be ready to go. Some ideas that could inspire you to develop your own.
Beehive Wars: The object of the game is to destroy the opponent's hive. The throw of the dice allows you to move forward, and if you land on a question space, and answer the trivia question wrongly, you move back a space, and your opponent doles out a punishment. The player that reaches the opponent's hive first wins the game.
Go Figure: A treasure hunt game played on a board. Every player rolls the dice, and in order to move forward and closer to the treasure solves the clue given. The clue could be in the form of a puzzle, a riddle, or any other interesting brain teaser. The person, who solves all the clues first, wins the treasure.
All Aboard!: A game where the passengers of a cruise liner are on a trip around the world. They dock at several ports, but to enter the port, the player needs to answer questions about the place. Answer correctly, and you win an advantage for the next port you dock at.
Only the play-master has control over where the passengers will be traveling. From every port the player visits, he needs to collect knick-knacks that will help him figure out the final destination.
These are just some basic ideas to create board games. Some of the best board games in the world were created to counter boredom. You never know, which of your ideas could go on to capture the imagination of the world. Give it a try, and may become the person with the next big idea.