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Candy Land Board Game Rules and Instructions

Candy Land Board Game Rules and Instructions

Candy Land is a very famous board game for the children of the age group 2 to 4. It is fun even for adults to join in with their little ones. If you don't know how to play this game, the following article will explain the rules and directions on how to play Candy Land.
Shruti Bhat
Special Rule
You can choose to use the picture card to go forward instead of going backwards on the path. Or you can always remove that card from the pack of cards before you shuffle them.
The Candy Land game is very simple, and hence, it requires no reading. With only one rule to know, play by turn (unless you have to skip one) and have some fun.

This game might be juvenile for adults to play, but it is fun for children above 3 years. It teaches color identification, matching of colors, decision making, turn taking, and tests motor skills, viz., picking up the gingerbread pawn and placing it on the right color block.

Following is everything you need to know on how to play the Candy Land board game.
  • Set up the board on a flat and even surface.
  • Mix or shuffle the cards thoroughly and stack them, face down in a pile. Make place to keep the discarded card pile.
  • Decide which player will go after whom, along with their Gingerbread pawn color and place it on the start square.
  • For cards with one color block, move your gingerbread pawn to the first matching block on the board, in the direction of the Candy Castle.
  • If a card has two color blocks, move your card to the second matching color space on the board.
  • When you draw a picture card, move the gingerbread pawn (forward or backward), to the nearest block featuring the picture matching the one on the card.
How to Play?
  • The first person will pick the first card from the pile, and move the pawn in the direction of the finish line to the nearest color block that matches the color on the board. Move only in the direction of the signposts, unless the Picture Card directs you to move backward.
  • When you land on a Licorice on the block by an exact count, you have to stay on the block and skip one turn.
  • If you land on the Gooey Gumdrops, your pawn has to stay on the block until you draw a card with one or two yellow blocks.
  • When you get lost in the Lollipop Woods, your pawn has to stay on the block until you draw a card with one or two blue blocks.
  • When you are stuck in the Chocolate Swamp, your pawn has to stay on the block until you draw a card with one or two red blocks.
  • The first person to land on the multicolored rainbow space and reach the Rainbow Castle has won the game.
Play, enjoy, and witness your child develop his/her skills at play. Keep an eye so that they don't put the gingerbread pawns in their mouth.