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Church Camp Prank Ideas That are Mischievous But Innocuous

Church Camp Prank Ideas
Church camps are known to be a hit with kids and teenagers. Here are some great camp prank ideas which will make your church camp experience, both humorous and memorable.
Parashar Joshi
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Church camps are a great way for kids and teens to learn about spirituality, make new friends, and socialize. They help kids to mature and grow mentally, spiritually, as well as physically. However, church camps are not all about serious activity and devotion. There also happens to be a very mischievous side to these camps which kids enjoy to the maximum. On that note, here are some interesting pranks that you can pull on your campmates and friends.
Before we move on to any sort of prank ideas, you must always remember that the idea behind playing any kind of prank at a church camp is to lighten up the atmosphere and enjoy a good laugh. They should always be taken in the right spirit and one should not go overboard or cross any limits of decency in the process. Keeping this principle in mind, let us look at some innovative pranks to pull on friends while at camp.
  • Gift a Rubber Chocolate: Show your generosity by gifting your friend a big bar of Hershey's chocolate. Seems like quite a nice and harmless gesture, doesn't it? It definitely is, except that the yummy 'chocolate' happens to be nothing but a brown rubber lookalike. Enjoy watching your friend try and bite into this one!
  • Replace Toothpaste with Shaving Cream: Shaving creams can be given the tag of 'honorary lifetime members' when it comes to good camp pranks. They have been a part of an enormous number of camp prank ideas for years on end. One such popular prank idea is replacing your friend's toothpaste with an identical-looking tube of shaving cream. Watch and enjoy as your sleepy-eyed friend goes about using his new 'toothpaste'!
  • Turn into Picasso: That's another age-old prank idea that works even today. If you boys happen to be at loggerheads with the girls, and are in the mood to play a good prank, look no further. Sneak into their dorms in the middle of the night and draw over their faces with some colored pens. Girls, you can have the last laugh by returning this favor in the form of some lipsticked beards and lipglossed mustaches.
  • Powdered Blessings: Empty a few bottles of talcum powder on the upper surface of each of the ceiling fan blades, until a big enough heap is formed. Stand by and enjoy as your campmates get showered upon with 'powdered' blessings from above!
  • Swap Toothbrushes for Neem Twigs: Although this is indeed a prank, you are also doing your camp buddies a small favor in the process. Neem twigs happen to have a lot of medicinal properties and make for great natural tooth cleaners.
  • Toilet Paper Pranks: These are quite popular as pranks to pull off during a church camp. Substitute the toilet paper in the washroom with a special type that doesn't tear. It is sure to put your campmate in a tight spot!
  • Shower of Shock: Let your friend get into the shower enclosure for a nice hot bath. After a couple of minutes, i.e., once you are sure about him being all soaped up, turn off the water supply and listen to the yell that follows. To make it even better, count to ten and then throw in a bucket of ice-cold water for yet another scream of shock. Ice ice, baby!
  • Watery Welcome: Place a bucket full of water on the top edge of the door while keeping the door slightly ajar. Let the bucket rest against the wall so that it remains balanced. Your friend is in for a nice watery welcome and you better be on your toes for a quick getaway!
  • Bring on the Ghost: Spend the entire evening telling each other ghost stories. Once your friend has retired to his room, prop a white bed sheet on a long stick and hang it outside his window while making eerie sounds. That is sure to scare the bejesus out of him!
  • Snaky Pillow Talk: After that ghostly experience, it's time for some herpetophobia! Sneak up to your friend's bed in the early hours of the morning and place a vicious-looking rubber snake next to his pillow. Make sure you are around when he wakes up, for the moment will be absolutely priceless!
Although pranks can be quite funny and entertaining, one must always take care to ensure that they remain harmless. They should always be in good taste and should not involve any religious or personal attacks, which otherwise, would defeat the very purpose of the church camp.
Toilet Paper Hanging in the Bathroom
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