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Easy Things to Do at a Bonfire That'll Make it Truly Memorable

Things to do at a Bonfire
A great way to make a bonfire night even more enjoyable is to have an outdoor barbecue. You can opt for some nice grilled lobster, chicken, and sausages to go with some fine wine. At the same time, you can try roasting some mouth-watering hotdogs and marshmallows using skewers over the bonfire. After all, what's a bonfire without some great food and drink?
Parashar Joshi
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Boy Roasting Marshmallows
Bonfires are a favorite among one and all. They inevitably bring about that feeling of togetherness and warmth, and that is what makes them so special. One typically associates a bonfire as being a night full of wholesome enjoyment in the purest form. Bonfires almost always continue late into the night and quite often, into the early hours as well.
They are a regular feature during Halloween, Christmas, New Year's Eve and on many other festive occasions in almost every part of the world. People seldom get bored as there are lots 'n' lots of things to do at a bonfire. The entire atmosphere that surrounds a bonfire is very cheerful and infectious, and it instantly gets people into a joyous party mood.
Interesting Stuff to do at a Bonfire
▲ Arrange for a strong medium-sized trampoline. Trampoline jumping can be a real fun thing to do at a bonfire. Have a trampoline jumping contest and present a small gift to the person who jumps the highest and the best. Of course, take care to ensure that nobody gets hurt in the process.
Spin the Bottle
▲ Play good old spin the bottle. Combine it with a bit of truth or dare and you'll have a great evening. You can also play a game of twister to enjoy your nice big bonfire night. With its universal appeal, you shouldn't have much of a problem finding participants for this one.
▲ To make the bonfire a little more exciting and pleasing to the eye, you could consider adding a little bit of colored chemical powder to the fire. The colored powder is specially made and can be found at your local department store. It sure is a good way to 'lighten' up the proceedings!
Sing and Dance
▲ Hire a good disc jockey and ask him to play some riveting dance tracks. Pair up the oddest of couples from among the crowd and ask them to do the cha cha, rumba, salsa, hip hop, etc. Award prizes to the best couple in each category. Additionally, you can also play a few traditional campfire songs to liven up the mood further. If anyone among you can play the guitar, bring it along! It's fun to sing some nice country songs with the gentle strumming of the guitar in the background.
▲ If you are hellbent on doing something wacky, then this one's for you! You could toss a nice ripe watermelon into the bonfire and after it explodes, you could ask people to scurry around and find the pieces. The person who collects the maximum number of pieces can be given a prize.
▲ If it is a reunion or graduation party, you can talk about all the old memories. Sharing your feelings and thoughts about this milestone in your life can be particularly inspiring. You can even get all nostalgic, if you are meeting your school friends after a long time. Laugh over all those silly jokes again, and reminiscence about those happy days.
Classic Party Games
▲ If you want to go the traditional way, get a pack of cards and enjoy a few card games as the fire crackles in the background. Take it a step further by bringing along a pack of trump cards, too. We've loved them as kids and a bonfire is a great way to rekindle those childhood memories. An eternal favorite among the ladies is the game of dumb charades or simply, charades. A classic party game that requires no introduction, charades can be hilarious and totally entertaining.
▲ If you are a particularly active group, and then playing different games, is a good idea. Capture the flag, volleyball are some of the games you can play. Other activities you can do are sing-alongs, share ghost stories, scare each other, or play word games. If you are a close-knit group of friends you can play 20 questions, never have i ever, two truths and a lie or other such games.
▲ Elderly people can simply opt to lay back on some comfortable armchairs and enjoy the ambiance. If it's cold and particularly chilly, snuggle together under a blanket and indulge in some long story-telling sessions.
Having a bonfire can be a wonderful way to connect (or re-connect) with people and have a good time in the process. It is easy on the pocket and all that it requires is your enthusiasm and creativity. There is no dearth of activities, and you can choose any of the above for a fun and exciting party. Just remember to consider the entire group, and their preferences when planning the night. This will also ensure that everyone ends up having a good time.