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A Complete List of Candy Land Game Characters

A Complete List of Candy Land Game Characters
Candy Land is simple board game that can be enjoyed by kids and requires no special skills as such. It is played by two to four players with a spinner and involves traversing the board or Candy Land with the help of a spinner and reaching Candy Castle. This Plentifun article provides you with a complete list of characters that you would encounter while playing the game.
Anamika Kumari
Characters come alive
'Candy Land: The Great Lollipop Adventure', a motion picture inspired by the game, was released on March 8, 2005, with a completely different plot. However, it retained the names of some characters from the original game.

Candy Land and its characters are a trademark of Hasbro Inc. It is a board game for ages 3 years and above to be played by 2-4 players. Before we get to the list of main characters, here's a brief description about the game for those who aren't familiar with it. A fairly simple and fun game, wherein each player either draws a card or uses a spinner to determine a color. The next space that matches the color on the card drawn or as indicated by pointer becomes the destination of their current move. Special picture spaces contain special characters of the game. These appear at different regions on the Candy Land board. When a player comes across these characters, they either help the player move forward or result in a loss of turn to draw a card or spin the pointer. In case a player overlaps the space already occupied, he has shift to the next space of the same color or spin again if it was a picture space. The ultimate objective of the Candy Land game is to reach King Kandy's home, Candy Castle, and the first person who does so is considered the "winner".
Get ready for a sugar rush as we explore 'Candy Land'. It is advised to reserve a handful of your favorite candies as you read through, just in case you start craving for some.
Mr. Mint
Mr. Mint is to be found in the Peppermint Forest. Wearing a pink and white striped costume with an ax in hand, he is a lumberjack, cutting candy canes in his way. He does not appear in 'Candy Land: The World of Sweets'.

Duke of Swirl
King Kandy's duke, the Duke of Swirl can be found near the ice cream slopes. He replaced Mr. Mint in the 2010 edition of the game.

Gramma Nutt
If you find yourself anywhere near a peanut brittle house in your journey through the game, drop by to pay Gramma Nutt a visit.

A friendly peanut dog, Bazz lives with Gramma Nutt in Peanut Acres.

Gramma Gooey
She is Gramma Nutt's sister, and is known to have replaced her in 'The World of Sweets'.

She featured only in the 2010 version, and was a replacement for Mamma Ginger Tree.

A multicolored gumdrop-shaped fun-loving character, Jolly looks somewhat similar to a stegosaurus. In the earlier editions of Candy Land, he was a strange blobby character who used to wear fluffy pants. Strangely, in the 2010 version, he was missing from the game. After much hue and cry from the fans, he was reintroduced in the 2013 edition.

Plumpy is a green-colored, cute and friendly monster who lives underneath the gingerbread plum tree. Though, for reasons unknown, he is missing from the latest versions of the game.

Mamma Gingersnap
If you have been playing the latest versions we know you have not tasted most delicious gingersnaps in Candy Land, because their maker, Mamma Gingersnap, has been replaced by Mamma Ginger Tree.

King Kandy
King Kandy, the King of Candy Land, has a castle made of all kinds of good things like sweets and cupcakes. The player who gets to this castle of sweets first is the winner of the game. In the 2005 film depicted King Kandy as the father of Princess Frostine and Princess Lolly.

Princess Lolly
She is found in the Lollypop Woods. Extremely fidgety and curious by nature, she keeps flying from one place to the other. The title of 'Princess' was removed in the 2002 edition, which was given back to her in 2010.
Queen Frostine
Queen Frostine was originally married to King Kandy. After the 2002 edition, she was titled as 'Princess Frostine', and was shown as Princess Lolly's sister. Her favorite place is the Snow Flake lake.

Lord Licorice
He is the main antagonist who tries to turn everything in Candy Land into licorice. He has a clumsy streak and is both attracted and distracted by Queen Frostine's beauty.

Gloppy the Molasses Monster
The friendly monster who you shall meet at the chocolate swamp in Candy Land is Gloppy. He is one huge blob of chocolate, and was thus renamed 'Gloppy the Chocolate Monster' in the 2010 edition.

The Gingerbread Kids
These guys and girls are the friends of Mamma Ginger Tree and love to play with her. They help the players of the game to have a candied experience all along the way.

All the characters mentioned above are associated with the type of candy on which their personality is based. Once you familiarize yourself with these characters, the game seems irresistible, and you shall never look at candies in the same way ever again.