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Easy Logic Puzzles

Easy Logic Puzzles

Do logic puzzles puzzle you? Don't lose heart, for here are some easy ones to get you started. Just try to solve them by yourself before you click to find the answers. Are you ready?
Mukulika Mukherjee
Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018
Logic puzzles are designed to test your analytical and reasoning skills. While there can be any number of logic puzzles, they all fall under two basic categories: qualitative reasoning puzzles and quantitative reasoning puzzles. Simply put, the qualitative reasoning puzzles require you to use your skill of finding logic in statements and situations while the quantitative reasoning puzzles are about finding logic in numbers. The truth about logic puzzles is that you should learn to think out of the box, to crack them! If you feel that this is not easy, you're in for a surprise! With practice, you can also learn the "tricks", and then you'll find that there's no logic puzzle too tough for you to crack. The easy ones enlisted in this article, can be the ideal ones to begin with. Once your brain is trained to solve the easy ones, you can gradually move on to the medium, hard and very hard ones.
Easy Logic Puzzles With Solutions
Claudia's Photograph
Claudia was holding a photograph in her hand. When a friend wanted to know who the lady in the photograph was, Claudia replied that the lady's mother was Claudia's mother's daughter. However, her friend knew for sure that Claudia was the only child of her parents. So, who was the lady in the photograph?
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Roger's Siblings
Roger's parents have five children. The name of the first child is January, the second child's name is February, the third child is called March and the name of the fourth child is April. What is the name of the fifth child?
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Four Liters
You have two barrels that can hold 3 liters and 5 liters, respectively. How can you measure 4 liters using the two barrels? Note that there are no graduation marks on either of the barrels.
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Puzzle of the Bill
Three men walk into a restaurant and decide to have coffee. The total bill amounts to $15. When the manager of the restaurant gets to know that the 3 men are his old acquaintances, he instructs the waiter to return $5 back to them. However, the waiter, who isn't honest enough, decides to keep $2 to himself! This means that the 3 men effectively paid $4 each, which add up to $12 and $2 is the amount taken by the waiter. So, the total amount is $14. So, where did the $1 go?
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Bacteria on a Dish
On a shelf in the pathology laboratory, is a dish. In that dish thrives bacteria. It is known that each bacterium multiplies into two, every minute. Now, say at 1:55 p.m., the dish is half full, so when will the dish be full?
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Missing Book
Two fathers went to the book fair with their sons. All of them bought one book each. But on the way home, they realized they had only 3 books. Can you explain?
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After you have tried and solved these puzzles, you can also take a look at logic puzzles for kids, and then gradually start trying your hand at solving puzzles with higher difficulty levels.
Once you are hooked on to puzzles, you can try solving a variety of brain-teasers, riddles, grid puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, number puzzles and more. Solving puzzles not only enhances your thinking ability, but also helps you use your imagination in creative ways. So, what are you waiting for? Solve puzzles still they stop puzzling you!