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How to Make a Fake Pregnant Belly and Shock Your Family

How to Make a Fake Pregnant Belly
Are you looking for ways to create a fake pregnant belly at home? The following Plentifun article suggests some very easy, and uncomplicated ways of making one.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
Do you want to shock your parents and friends by supporting a fake pregnant belly? Or do you want to look outrageous, and be the center of attention in a Halloween party by wearing a Halloween costume which supports one? Whatever might be the reason, here are some ideas to create a fake pregnant belly, followed by a stepwise guide on creating one with a sponge foam.
» Pillow
You can use a throw pillow, and wear a tight fitting undershirt on it.
» Beach Ball
You can also make use of a beach ball which is only partially inflated. A beach ball, not only looks like a fake belly but also feels like one upon touching.
» Cotton Cloth
When creating such a costume, it is preferable that sheets of cotton material clothes are used. Layers of cotton material can be wrapped around the body. The heaviness of the sheets of cotton, makes the wearer walk like she is actually pregnant and hence, makes the costume more believable.
» Sponge
You can cut out a piece of sponge, and sew cloth around it.
» Step 1
Take a piece of the sponge, and with scissors, cut it out in the shape and size of the belly that you want. If you want a belly that is "three months old" you may cut out a smaller piece. If you want a belly that is near "nine months old" you may cut out a bigger shape out of the sponge.
» Step 2
Now that the adequate piece of sponge is ready, the next step is covering it with a cloth. For this, you will need to sew some cloth, preferably stretchable, over the piece of sponge. If you do not know how to sew, you may have to take help from somebody who knows, as sewing the sponge with cloth is very important to hold the "belly" together.
» Step 3
In order to make this fit properly around the waist, you will have to sew elastic, on both top and bottom. Remember, that the elastic should neither be too long nor too short, so that it fits properly.
» Step 4
Now you can wear this fake belly around your waist. You can wear tight fitting clothes or maternity clothes (if you can get your hands on some) over it to show off your "pregnancy" curves.
If you do not know sewing, and are unable to find someone who can do it for you, there is no need to worry. In such a case, you can cut out the piece of sponge as mentioned in step 1, and afterwards, you can use a plastic wrap to fit the sponge to your body.
A pregnant look cannot just be created by making these costumes. To act like a pregnant woman you have to feel like one. For this, observe as many pregnant women as you can, around you. See how they walk, sit, pick up things, etc. You may practice all this at home, before you actually wear your "fake pregnant belly" to get that perfect look.
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