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We Challenge You to Solve These Hard Riddles Meant for Adults

Hard Riddles for Adults
When it comes to food for thought, nothing beats riddles and puzzles. Things get even better when these brain teasers are a hard nut to crack. This article lines up some ridiculously hard riddles for adults. See if you can light up your brain to solve them...
Rajib Singha
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
The level of difficulty that a riddle carries with it, may be comprehended differently by different people. Some riddles might be easy for you, while too hard or tough to solve for others. Finding the hidden answer to a riddle or getting to the end of the maze depends on how a person perceives, understands or absorbs the question. Here, we have got some really hard riddles (with their answers) lined up for you. Let's see how you take them.
The riddles you will find here are based on numbers, letters, words and overall, logic. Also, we have upped the difficulty level of the riddles and made them as hard as possible. Click on "show answer" to see if you have hit the bull's eye. Play smart!
1. There is a 6 digit number! The tens digit is 2 more than the ones digit. The hundreds digit is 2 less than the tens digit. The hundreds digit is again equal to the thousands digit. The ten thousands digit is 2 more than the thousands digit, and the hundred thousands digit is 2 less than the ten thousands digit. What is the digit?

2. Can you find the odd one out - "Stun", "Ton", "Evil", "Letter", "Mood", "Bad", "Snap", "Straw"?

3. Guess the missing letters in the following incomplete series of alphabets and numbers.
G T ... L I T ... I S O A A ... (Hint - The answer lies where you ask.)

4. How will you behead sixty eight and leave eighteen?

5. Try deciphering this code - S T O E E I T A E S S S I N O Y (Hint - count and you will have the answer!)

6. An apple begins with me and age too. I am in the midst of a man and foremost in every apprehension. You will find me in everyday and see me in all autumns. It's a pity that you cannot see me in the air and yet it's so wonderful to be a part of the great Atlantic ocean! Guess who am I?

7. "Defense", "Laughing", "Stubborn", "Hijack". What is so peculiar about these four words?

8. Here's another cipher for you to decode:
8 P of the S S
1 M of the E
1 S of the S S
60 M in 1 H

9. Which part of a boat, does a shopaholic like the most?

10. My 1st brother studies aerodynamics, my 2nd brother builds different engines. My 3rd brother is an illustrator, and my fourth, as wise as an owl. About me? I am unanimous to whatever you say! Find us all!

11. Name any word that becomes shorter even when you add 2 more letters to it?

12. Name a 7 letter word, from which if you take out 4 letters, you will have 1 left?

13. How do you make two 2s into two 5s? You are free to apply any mathematical function you like. (Hint - remember Snow White?)

14. There was this magician who was playing some smart tricks across the street. A boy went up to him and the man said, "I will just touch your forehead and write your actual name on this yellow paper. If I am wrong, then I will give you some of my magic stuffs, otherwise you have to give me $10." The boy agreed, for he thought that no matter what name he writes down, he will deny it. But, it was the boy who lost the bet. How is this possible? (Hint - do what you say)

15. I add 5 to 9, and get 2. The answer is correct, but how?

16. Some pencils are erasers. All erasers are papers. Some papers are pens and some pens are erasers. So, pencils are obviously pens? True or false?

17. There is a small chap in my neighborhood, who wants to be a postman when he grows up. Also, he is full of letters. Can you guess his name?

18. You cannot see him in the same way as you see others. His voice is different from what you hear. He is always with you when you are alone or in a crowd. He listens to every word you utter. He is your best friend, but speaks to you once in a blue moon? Who's he?

19. You live in a place wherein, 6 months is mild summer and during the other 6 months, the mercury goes drastically down! You own a lake where there is a small island. You want to build a house over there and need to carry some stuffs. But, you have no boat, ship, plane or anything which you can use to transport them to the island. How will you solve the problem?

20. One evening, John Watson returns home at 221B Baker Street only to find his friend, Sherlock Holmes, missing. Everything in the room is scattered, the windows are wide open, and Holmes' pipe is lying unattended on the table. However, Watson finds something that appears to be hurriedly scribbled on the table, besides the pipe. It goes like this, "Nb wvzi Dzghlm, blf droo mlg urmw nv dsvm blf ivgfim. R zn luu gl Mlidllw, gl hloev z ivnzipzyov xzhv. Gzpv xziv, HS." Help Watson decode the message.

21. Danny was running really late for something. So, he got his father's black Mustang and whooshed away in no time. The car's lights were not working for some reason, and even the moon was not out. Out of nowhere, a cat came in the middle of the street. Luckily, Danny somehow managed not to hit it. Phew! How did Danny see the cat?

22. I went to Paris, I went to Egypt, I have been to New York and I will be going to Rome. And all this I do by simply sitting in a corner. Who am I? (Hint - think about a letter)

23. Francelia killed almost 100 people, and was accountable for a damage of $4.7 million. Despite all these, she was not pressed with any charges. Why?

24. Can you find the underlying message in the following lines?
"I am an important hope for them as you and your intellect had tried to have fun and delight in answering 6 out of all, but none of these were truly hard riddles."
That would be all for the hard riddles I had in my bag, for now. Till I bring some more of such trick questions to you, jot these down, and be the coolest 'riddle man' of your neighborhood!