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How to Whistle With Your Fingers? It's a Very Simple Technique!

How to Whistle With Your Fingers
It's fun, it's easy to learn, and it's addictive! To be able to whistle is like creating magic, and who doesn't secretly wish to be a magician. This article is a guide for those who want to learn how to whistle using their fingers and get started on the fun and addiction.
Parashar Joshi
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
There are a number of ways in which you can whistle with your fingers. You don't necessarily have to use a thumb-index finger combination. Here are other finger combinations that might interest you:
  • Thumb-middle finger combination
  • Left index finger-right index finger combination
  • Left middle finger-right middle finger combination
  • Left little finger-right little finger combination
However, for the purpose of simplicity, here we consider only the traditional finger combination, i.e., thumb-index finger combination. Given below is a step-by-step process which will help you get it right with enough practice, if not the first time.
Before you begin, here's an important piece of advice that you should keep in mind - wash your hands! By putting unclean fingers in your mouth, you can run the risk of getting infected by harmful bacteria or germs. So wash your hands thoroughly, and then proceed.
  • Join the tips of the thumb and the index finger of your right hand (do this with your left hand if you are left-handed). Make sure that your fingernails are clean and trimmed. (This process won't work well if you have long fingernails).
  • Open your mouth and rest the joint tips of your thumb and index finger on the lower set of your teeth, behind your lower lip. Both the fingertips should be pointing inwards, i.e., towards the center of the tongue, rather than towards the side walls of the mouth. The best way to check this finger position is to practice in front of a mirror.
  • Once your fingers are positioned in this way, roll your tongue back such that the tip of the tongue points downwards and just about touches the inner part of your lower teeth.
  • Close your mouth and press your lower lip firmly over your fingers to keep them in place. Now inhale deeply, press forward slightly with your tongue, and blow in such a way, that the air is directed towards the joint fingertips.
  • Experiment with different blowing patterns (force-wise and direction-wise). After a few tries, you will get a hang of the type of sound produced by each blowing pattern. Remember, 'trial and error' is the one and only method of going about this process. Unless you keep trying and practicing, you won't be able to perfect it. With repeated practice and over a period of time, you will get an idea of the 'sweet spot' in your mouth. This 'sweet spot' is nothing but the point which produces the clearest whistling sound.
Remember, being able to whistle with your fingers always takes a lot of practice. You will never get it right at the first, second, third, fourth, or even the fifth attempt. Keep working at it, and you will surely perfect it soon.
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