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Crazy Pranks to Pull on Friends That are Just Too Damn Funny

Pranks to Pull on Friends
When it comes to friends, you needn't wait for an occasion (like April Fool's Day) to pull a fast one on them. There are some fantastic prank ideas you can adopt, to trick your buddies. Of course, remember that they need to be harmless.
Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
"One may smile, and smile, and be a villain." - William Shakespeare, Hamlet
There lies an innate wickedness in all of us. What it probably lacks is an outlet. But on deeper contemplation, we can't really complain about that when we have a set of precious friends to unleash our inner devil on to.

When you're tight friends with someone it is quite alright to turn on the fun and take the mickey out of them, all in the name of true pleasure. We've lined up a few ideas for you to get going. Remember, we've kept it quite clean to keep the rules of decorum in place. But if you want add your personal fiendish twist to it, you are most welcome.
Stellar Pranks to Play on Your Friends
Tape the Mouse Prank
mouse and pad
Apply a piece of paper over the eye of the mouse. When your friend begins using it, he will realize that the mouse is not working. As he turns it over, he will see the paper taped over it. For better effect, write something like "Usage Prohibited For Fools" or something to that effect. Alternatively, you could also apply a piece of clear tape over the eye of the mouse ever so subtly, that the person has a hard time figuring out what the exact problem is.
Drunk Prank
drawing on drunk mans face
Oooh! The pleasure of having a friend who is dead drunk opens up innumerable avenues for the prankenstein in you. You can use your friend's face as a canvas to depict your artistic flair. Think beyond the regular and done-to-death mustache and beard designs, and get evil with something along the lines of goth makeup, perhaps?
Spidey Prank
spider prank
If you have a Ron Weasley-like friend, this is the right trick to pull. Prank stores are full of these tiny fake bugs that can be planted on anyone to induce a minor panic attack. Just think about this for a wee moment - your friend is sipping his favorite hot beverage in his favorite mug, quite to his content. But as he gets down to finishing it, he spots something like a black dot at the base. He shifts the liquid around a bit to discover a dead spider soaked to death down there. Eeew!
Day of the Dead Prank
human body in bath prank
As an ode to all the horror movies you watched with your beloved friend, here is a prank to spook the living daylights out of him. A trip to the prank store is sure to yield a skanky rubber body, or even limbs will do. Place this object of beauty in your pal's bathtub, with some red food coloring splashed in for good measure. So when your friend walks into the bathroom as a sleepy head the next morning, stay close to hear him scream Psycho-style.
I-Know-What-You-Did-Last-Night Prank
after party scene prank
Stone drunk friends are a sheer delight for several reasons, as we all know. So the next time they lie asleep as a result of drunken revelries, just do the following. Dress them up like a doll (if they are guys, of course). Keep bottles of liquor and some fancy pill bottles scattered around them. Then take pictures. And have fun making them believe about how many lines they crossed. Don't worry, they'll be too drunk to remember what really happened.
Scary Mask Prank
Halloween makeup prank
The mother of all pranks, has got to be a part of every list of pranks, so here it is. Scary masks are versatile, and can be used on anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Play with the degree of scariness as well, going from whacky to grotesque. Don't forget to make the moment eternal by video shooting it. Then play it over and over again to relive the grand moment at your embarrassed friend's expense.
Alien Attack Prank
alien prank
Everyone has their favorite conspiracy theory that they firmly believe in. Find out which one your (gullible) friend has fallen for, and then begin the action. For instance, make up a story about an alien being spotted at the White House. Put your photo editing skills to work, and create a news-like visual, complete with images, and send it anonymously to your friend, urging him to put it on Facebook. Then, sit back and enjoy the laugh riot.
Some antics make for a great laugh all around, leaving you to watch the face of the person who succumbed to the prank, go red-faced. But a word of advice here; these are your friends, so don't go too far. More so, if they wish to get back at you, take it in good spirit.
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