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Fun Leadership Games

Charlie S Nov 4, 2018
Some games help in developing leadership skills in people. They can be carried out for all age groups. Here are some ideas that will help you organize such activities.
Leadership skills are vital for an individual to succeed in his/her life. Some people believe that leaders are born and not made; however, many individuals have trained themselves and achieved considerable success and have proved this myth wrong.
Leadership skills can be honed by carrying out various activities. They can be instilled in people through fun and simple games like the ones described here.

For Kids

Bicycle Races

A bicycle race would be full of entertainment for kids. Divide the kids into two teams and appoint an expert rider of each team as the team leader.
Both the teams have to follow a different path to reach the final spot. The key point here will be to remember the instructions regarding the paths in order to reach the final spot before the other team. The leader is supposed to guide his teammates properly to make them follow the path successfully.

Vocabulary Game

Divide all the participants into different teams and assign a leader for each team. The task will be to make maximum number of meaningful words from the given letters.
The leader should guide the team members and get the work done as quickly as possible. The team that comes up with the maximum words, wins the game.

Computer Games

Some computer games require the kids to think strategically.
After assigning the team leaders to the respective teams, each leader should describe the format of the game to the team members and explain to them how to play it. The keystrokes for different actions should be explained accurately to avoid confusion during the competition.

For Youth

Music Games

These games involve singing or instrument-playing competitions.
Here, the task of the leader would be to groom his team members, instill confidence in them, and help them get over stage fright. These things will help the members enjoy the game and perform without stress.

Obstacle Races

This game is great for high school students. Form 2 teams and appoint leaders. As the game starts, the 1st team member has to run towards his teammate standing at a distance, by crossing the obstacles.
The second teammate then runs towards the third and so on. The job of the leader will be to guide the team members appropriately to help them tackle the obstacles. This game requires strength, energy, management, and good understanding and coordination between the leader and his team members.

Tallest Paper Cone Tower

This activity will require resources such as paper, scissors, paper clips, and glue sticks. The task is to make the tallest paper cone tower which should be able to stand without any external support. In each team, one member's right hand will be tied to another member's left hand, while the other hand will be left free for using the resources.
The third and fourth members will be blindfolded and will have to follow the instructions given by the other members to build the tower. Skills of communication, coordination, and optimal usage of resources are tested and improved during this activity.

At the Workplace

Make the Software

Work life can be made interesting by introducing certain fun activities for the employees. One such activity can be to hold a software-building competition.
The leader will understand the requirements of the client and guide the IT teams in making the software. This game will require excellent understanding between the leader and his team members. The team that makes the most effective software, wins the game.

Make a Castle

The employees should be divided in 3-4 teams. The team members should be seated in a circle and provided with clay. When the leader of the group whistles, the first member will start making a castle.
When he whistles again, the worked-on clay will be passed on to the next member, who has to continue building the castle from where the previous member has left it. The team that finishes building the castle first, wins. Every team member's contribution will be equally important to complete the task successfully.

Find the Hidden Guy

Organize this game in your office with the permission of your seniors. A person will be hiding in the office campus and the job of the two teams will be to find him by following their respective leader's instructions. The leaders will have to analyze the clues given by the supervisors and guide the teams.

For All

Treasure Hunt

This game involves forming teams and searching for the hidden treasure by adopting various strategies. The team leader will give instructions on how to find the missing treasure items. This game tests various skills such as memorizing power, observation, logical thinking, and confidence, which are a must for any leader.
Such games help in bringing out latent qualities in the participants. They are carried out nowadays in schools and offices to help people bring out the best in them.