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Recreational Activities for Kids

The Best Recreational Activities That are Every Kid's Favorite

This article will provide you with some of the best recreational activities for kids, which they will enjoy to the fullest.
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Feb 8, 2018
Kids or elderly people, everyone needs recreation. After all, everyone gets bored with the things they do every time, those things can be the job routine for an adult, empty vacant time for an elderly and games for a tot! All of us need to do something different; which can rejuvenate and provide us with new strength to face the everyday turmoil.
There are different recreation activities for kids. They are meant only for fun, so most of the time they do not make much sense to an adult! But if an adult ever participates in it, he would know how much fun it is do to something just for the sake for fun! And the best part of fun sports games for children is that they are very inexpensive, you do not have to buy an expensive sports kit or classic book for making your kid happy. I am sure you must be eager to know what these recreational activities for kids are, so scroll down.
Fun Activities
Balloon War
This is one of the best recreations. To play this game, divide the kids in four groups, a group of two can also do. Give each team different colored balloons and make them stand in the four corners of the room. Ask them to tie the inflated balloon above their knee. At the count of three, any two opposite teams have to come in the center of the room and try to pop the balloons of the opponent team, but only with legs! The team which pops the maximum balloons in the given time will compete with the winning team from the remaining teams. Kids will surely enjoy this balloon war!
Bean Activity
This is one of those that they will not only enjoy but will also learn something from. This game can be played between two or more kids. Decide one number, tell the kids that number, your game will be based on it. Now, hold that many beans in your hand. When the game starts, place your hands behind your back and transfer some beans to the other hand. Show the participant both your hands and ask him how many beans you have in each hand. The participant who takes a lot of time loses. This will help the kids to learn different combinations. When you have played this game a couple of times, you can increase the number of beans.
Pick Pocketing
Though this might sound illegal, trust me, this is one of the most popular game. Playing this game is very easy. Put strips of cloth in each participant's back pocket. Now, ask them to stand in a circle. At the count of three, the participants should start walking or running in the circle, and while they are running, they have to try to grab the cloth strip from the participant who is in front of them. If he succeeds, he can break the circle and try to grab the strip from any participant's pocket. Everybody has to obviously try and save their strip. The one who gathers the most cloth strips, wins.
Ghost in the Graveyard
This is actually a version of hide and seek. Though you can play this game during the daytime also, it is more fun if it is played at night. Unlike hide and seek, the ghost will hide and the other kids have to count and then search for him! The ghost has full authority to scare the seekers by every possible way. Instead of normal counting, you can chant something like "starlight, star bright, I hope to see a ghost tonight!" The seeker who fails to reach the base, becomes the next ghost.
These were some of the best recreational activities for kids. I am sure these recreation ideas for children will be enjoyed by them. You can make variations in any of the above mentioned activities to suit your child's age. Though they are meant for children, adults too can participate in them, as doing so will double the fun, both for kids and their parents!
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