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Outdoor Games for Adults

Outdoor Games for Adults

Outdoor games for adults can be played during group picnics, outdoor parties, or just on any holiday. The article below enlists some outdoor games for adults.
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Outdoor games for adults are a great way to have fun together. These are the best mind relaxers and help kick out the stress to give you some funny moments. They help come out of the routine tension and worries. Outdoor games are something everyone enjoy, no matter what the age of an individual is. Group games are also a great team building activity and a great physical exercise as well. These are the best ones to help you relax and have a fun-filled time.

Best Outdoor Games for Adults

Scavenger Hunt
  • Scavenger hunts are one of the best outdoor games for adults.
  • There are a number of variations possible in this game. For kids, keep it simple.
  • Like a small list of items to be found out, mention the boundary, usually a small area.
  • For adults, it can be a great adventure from simple mall hunts to 'around the town hunts' by driving your cars. You can be as creative as you want as there are various treasure hunt ideas.
  • For around the town hunts, you need to travel around the town collecting various items and clicking photographs.
  • The list will includes 20 items to find and 10 photos to be taken of the listed sites spread throughout the town.
  • Make the hunt more challenging with clues that involve brain teasers and mind benders.
Capture the Flag
  • This game needs a large area and more number of players.
  • Make two teams and two parts of the area you have selected to play. Also, there must be a small area known as a 'jail spot' on each side.
  • Each team will have a flag, which they need to hide on their side and further guard it.
  • Remember to set the boundaries before you start this outdoor team game for adults.
  • When both the teams hide their flags, the game starts. Each team has to capture the other team's flag and bring to their own side.
  • While you are in other team's side, that team can tag you and take you to ' jail spot'.
  • But, remember the rule - while they escort you to the jail, they cannot tag anyone else from your team.
  • Now, the player in this 'jail spot' will be free only when his team players tag all the other team members.
  • One of the game rule is that you cannot flag anyone out of the boundaries.
Sack Race
  • In this game, you have to form pairs to play.
  • Get number of sacks equal to total number of pairs. Each individual of the pair will put one leg in the sack, one will put the right leg, and the other will put the left leg.
  • Once each pair has done this, get ready to start the game. Draw the start and finish lines.
  • Each pair will start running to reach the finish line, the pair who crosses it first, wins the game.
  • You can also split up the pairs in two teams and play the same game. The team from which more number of pairs reach the finish line will win the game.
  • Another variation in this game is, playing individual sack race.
  • Each one will stand in a sack, with both legs inside it. When the race starts, each one has to run or hop along with the sack.
  • Believe me, it will be a great fun to hop and see people fall in between. The one reaching the finish line first wins the game.
  • This is the best outdoor game for large groups. Playing this game is simply an exciting outdoor activity.
  • Make two teams, draw a small center line on the ground. This game will decide which group/ team is stronger.
  • You will need a strong and long rope to play this game. The team members will stand one behind the other, and second team will stand in similar row in front of them, on the other side of he center line.
  • Each team will hold either end of the rope. Now, both teams have to pull this rope to their side.
  • If 'A' team pulls some 'B' team members across the center line while pulling the rope, these members of 'B' team will now be a part of 'A' team.
  • This game goes on till only one player is left in a team, other one is the winner. You can play this game on beach, water, or mud to make it more fun.
Games mean fun for everyone. Outdoor games are much more fun than indoor ones, as you have a lot of space and more scope of enjoyment. Outdoor games for adults are the best way to spend some time in merriment. Laughing and running behind each other, you are sure to forget all your worries and come into a new world. So get started and have fun!
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