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Outdoor Games for Youth

Outdoor Games for Youth

Are you searching for fun outdoor games for youth to play? Checkout the article on various games for large groups to indulge in.
Sheetal Mandora
No matter what time of the year it may be, we all love to take some time off and have some fun outside. Whether it's planning a family camping trip, a school trip, or just a normal family Sunday afternoon, playing outdoor games is always a fun way to bond. Although it's fun to play just about any games, but when it's a large group, things can get a bit tough to control. Everybody has their own set of suggestions as to which fun games for youth would be perfect to play. And in the midst of all that, instead of spending quality recreational time with everyone, it ends up being a big, confusing mess.

To avoid such situations, always being prepared is the key and we are here to help with that. If you have some event planned and would like some games for large groups, then you have come to the right place. As you read through the article, you will find various outdoor team building games, kids can participate in.

Games to Play Outside the House

You don't want to be locked up inside the house and let the beautiful day pass you by. Which is why, these games will be that much more fun to play. As I mentioned before, no matter what your outdoor plans may be (camp, school trip, church trip, etc.), these games are ideal. And to keep everyone on their toes, it's essential that these games and activities are filled with energy and fun.

Tag Everyone
One person is "it" and he/she has to catch someone to tag. Once people start getting tagged, even they become a part of "it". So instead of one person, everybody who are caught will try and catch the rest of them. The person who is the only one left at the end, wins the game.

Wiffle Ball w/Shaving Cream
We're going to play baseball, but with a twist. Divide everyone in 2 teams and choose which team will bat first. Now, the rules of the game are basic and the play will go on accordingly. The only difference is, the ball will be filled with shaving cream. First batter up! When the ball is pitched, either the batter will swing and hit the ball and splatter the cream all over the place. Or, if it's a strike, the cream will splatter on the catcher. Either way, the game is messy and fun to play.

Down, Down, Down
To play this game, make everyone stand in a circle. One person will hold a tennis ball in his hand and when everybody is in the circle, he/she will throw an underhand pass to someone in the circle. If that person catches the ball, he/she will have to pass it along to someone else. The point of the game is never to drop the ball, ever. If someone does drop the ball, he/she will have to go down on 1 knee. Another time, then he/she will go down on both knees. Then 1 elbow, 2nd elbow, and last chin. If the same person (who's on his/her chin) drops the ball again, then he/she will lose the game. Whoever is left with the least body parts touching the ground, wins.

Skateboarding w/Plungers
A different take to skateboarding. If you and your friends skateboard, then this game should be something unique for you all. Divide yourselves into 2 groups and draw start and finish lines. Get your skateboards ready at the start line (1 player from each team), hold a plunger in your hand (1 for each player), and when the whistle blows, use the plungers as oars to row yourselves towards the finish line. Whichever team scores the highest points, wins.

Bible Smugglers
Play this game with regular attenders only. You'll need plastic spoons for the Bibles and 1 flashlight. 2 people will be leaders for the game and they get to hide with the flashlight on and holding it straight, light pointing to the ceiling. Other participants will get the plastic spoons and bring them to the leaders. Some of the participants will be border guards and others will have to answer few questions before reaching the leaders. The questions can be like, "What is the Bible about?", "Who is Mother Mary?", and "What is heaven?". Those who get the right answers get to move forward.

Water Balloons Firing
For this game, you're going to need a water balloon launcher, towels, and a big bag of balloons. You can either play this game in teams or as a group. There will be 3 people who need to work the launcher. Fill balloons and keep them ready. Once you all are ready to play, have others stand far away on the ground with their towels. Start the game by launching balloons one by one and heading towards the rest of the players. Whoever catches the most balloons with their towels, wins.

Golf Frisbee
To play the game, the rules of gold will be applied, but with a twist. Select two end points and place as many baskets as you can find along the way. You can place the baskets at 200 meter away from one another. Make 2 teams and everyone gets a chance to land the Frisbee land in these baskets. The team that gets as many Frisbees in the baskets win.

Balancing the Tubes
In order to play this game, you're going to need at least 2 large truck tire inner tubes. You will divide the group into 2 teams and place the tubes on the ground. When the whistle blows, have the players stand on their tubes (as many as they can) and stay there for about 30 seconds. Once the time is up, see which team has the most people on the tube.

Name the Ball
Everyone stands in a circle and 1 player will have a ball in their hands. That person will choose a category like candies, dog names, cities beginning with a letter, etc. Then he/she will throw the ball to someone else and he/she has to name an item from the same category. If he/she takes too long to answer, drops the ball, or messes up, that player will be out. The last person standing in the circle wins.

Messy Tug of War
This game is pretty simple and quick to assemble. All you have to do is fill a kiddy pool with jello, Kool-Aid, or colored water. Next, the rules of the game are the same but the only difference is, you'll be playing it in a messy pool.

These were some great games for large groups which will be great in bonding with everyone. Of course, you can come up with your concoction to any of the games mentioned in the article above. The only thing to keep in mind is not to let anyone sit idle.